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Review by LightS See Profile

  • Location: Waco,Mclennan,TX
  • Cost: $62 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Great speed, stable, cheap, great bundle, no contract now, great customer support"
Bad "None."
Overall "Great Cable Provider, overall."
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First off, I'm a high school graduate who just moved into an apartment here in Waco, TX. I didn't have a lot of money, so although I wanted AT&T DSL, I didn't want to purchase a voiceline or pay $45-$50 for Dry Line, so I went with Time Warner.

I called the day I moved, as I had forgotten to schedule an install. I told them my situation, and told me they would call me back shortly. About 20 minutes later, I got a call from an actual TWC technician, telling me he was at my apartment. This shocked me -- I wasn't even there yet with the U-Haul! I told him I still had about an hour to drive, and asked if he could come back later. He said he would do another job, then come back afterwards, so he did.

Anyways -- I ended up getting the RoadRunner Standard -- Which, in my neck of the woods, is 7mbps/512kbps, but it has PowerBoost. I just did a speedtest, and it ended up at 14.70mbps/.49mbps.. It is regularly around 20-22mbps. Average download speeds are around 7.4mbps after the PowerBoost lays off for a few minutes, but it kicks right back in soon enough.

Latency is good, I suppose. I'm about halfway between Dallas & Austin TX, yet it routes down to Houston, then back up to Dallas. I wish it didn't, but not much I can do. Other than that, it's still fairly low.

Anyways, on move in day -- We get moved in, guy walks in and plugs in the modem, bam. It's on. Plug my laptop in, bam. It works. He dropped off a TWC Welcome packet with his phone number in it, in case of any issues that may arise, and departs after I pay him. Simple as that.

So far, I'm very satisfied... Time Warner has a good customer. Unless I can find a competitor for around the same price, I'll be staying!

Update 9/10/2010

After recently getting a phone call from Time Warner offering me a bundle, I considered getting TV. Recently, I've gotten a call from a lady who works directly with our apartment complex -- so I gave her a call to see if she could offer anything similar.

Here's what I ended up getting: Digital Cable, HD, one HD DVR, Showtime for a Year. I also got the RoadRunner Turbo Upgrade for no-charge.

I'm paying $79.99/mo for this. It comes out to around $87.50 after taxes, not bad! I used a pricing guide they have for my area, and Digital Cable itself is $55, while the Turbo is $50. Plus HD fees, etc, the install(which i didnt have to pay for, and in all honesty i did it all myself) and she even gave me an HDMI cable upon my request. Oh, getting this also got me out of my 1yr contract for my simple RoadRunner Standard for $30/mo. I'm now contract-free.

Overall, very satisfied -- RoadRunner Turbo in my area is 15/2, with up to 30mbps with PowerBoost. At 2pm on a Friday (In a College town, where the school's all use TWC for the on-campus living) I'm getting what's attached.

UPDATE 2/7/2011:

They upgraded everyone's service (except for Turbo, of course.)
Anyways, I got a phone call the other day, telling me that they had a new Internet service that utilized DOCSIS 3.0. Of course, I sprung for it, considering they offered it to me, no-contract, for only $5/mo more. They waived the installation fee, and even gave me a free month of service for "being loyal" (been there for about 8 months?) but hey, I can't complain.

Anyways, they're coming today -- 2/7, and we'll see how it goes. Service is supposed to be 30/5.

As of this morning -- here is my speed.

»www.speedtest.net/result/1146379 ··· 9250.png

As of 6/16, I am updated my review for Time Warner Cable as the parent company.

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