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Review by pmilligan See Profile

  • Location: Indianapolis,Marion,IN
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "Sharp field techs"
Bad "Office staff is more marketing than technical"
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My Other Reviews

Used to have SDSL at old home. When I moved in 2007, for new home, decided I could go with two providers for the same cost. Went with DSL from a locally owned ISP and Cable through Brighthouse, which uses Road Runner for data. Both were business level accounts so I may have static IP addresses and run my own servers.

Cable install went well. Both the video and data techs showed at the same time, but that wasn't by plan. The video tech helped clean up the line a bit, and the data tech initially had the wrong IP net block data. He called and received new data, and I was on the Internet.

Originally I had a package pricing deal. This didn't hold up because the home cable and business data were handled by different groups. At best, the sales rep didn't know their business, and at worst, they mislead me to make the deal look more attractive than it did.

I find the phone support so-so. The account rep is more marketing than technical. The help desk doesn't seem to know how to help a power-user. The field techs, though are sharp.

Just recently I've been noticing problems using the Internet, and had been trying to tell if it was my network or the cable. The whole thing finally was off-line, and telephone support was kind enough to not try and walk me through some silly script. They couldn't see my cable adapter, I had restarted it several times, so they called in a field tech. One look at the adapter (from across the room!) and he knew the problem. For a while they had deployed the adapters with "green" power packs that were under-rated for the load. They eventually fail. Swap in a new power pack, and I back up.

As I said, sharp field techs. I would prefer a more proactive office that would call and scheduled a power supply replacement rather than wait for it to fail. As I mentioned on the follow-up survey, I am lukewarm about recommending them to anyone else. If they would have been proactive about the problem, I would be more positive.


A few months back a modem rental fee was added to the bill. Residential users may use there own modem, but business users must use rent a modem from Road Runner. Not happy with this.

This month they increased the data rates for each tier. It's 18% for my service.

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