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Review by mking128 See Profile

  • Location: College Point,Queens,NY
  • Cost: $54 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "15M/1.5M Turbo, good latency boosted to 28M or higher/down- superior vs. DSL"
Bad "SMC Wireless modem capped d/l speed, slower at peak time - plain RCA modem is now FAST"
Overall "No Contract, Triple Play 12 mos price locked, pricer now & no incentives as existing customers, going to FIOS !!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Ex-Earthlink/Verizon DSL home users for 8 years, very pleased with switch to cable broadband last week & dumping copper wires for the price & speed - exercising consumer choice.

Ordered Time Warner's Triple Play with free install & no contract with $99 monthly prices good for 12 months, free Turbo Boost upgrade and free wireless modem supporting up to 5 computers. Outsourced installer was late for appointment but arrived, quickly reviewed & explained options and had entire package done in under 3 hours, reused 2 coaxial wires used for satellite signals & tested unused prewired one for run #3 - to handle telephony & broadband modem. Initial benchmark testing showed that I'm getting burst speed of 16 to 18 MB downstream, mostly in the 17MB ranges, with rush hour/evening-weekend slow down of 8 to 11 MB - upstream fairly consistent around 760 kbps with minor bounces, latency generally around 20-30 ms, as low as 15 ms with higher numbers on heavy node traffic. Generally very pleased with my speed & reliability, no down time at all for 9 days since installation - except for manual reboot while running my own setup.

SMC 8014WG-SI modem is 2.0 and compact, not user-accessible and limited to WEP set by TWC tech support, and wireless signal capped by design or software to no faster than 11MB d/l but otherwise very good. Getting full turbo speed only via Ethernet port. Telephony modem using its own Arris equipment via its own coaxial line-in. HD Cable using 2 existing coaxial pre-wired into the house built in 2006 with 1 disconnected from DirecTV STB - on SAMSUNG SMT-H3050 boxes (for HD signals).

It took 2 calls to quickly get my RR master account email and password as evening calls to "exclusive" new customer hotline had me on hold for 15 minutes and when it got answered, unable to help me as the profile linked to our digital phone # assigned by TWC had not been updated. Call the next morning was answered quickly on 4th ring and went to level 2, located my account info in a few minutes after verifying secured identity info, and I was off to download the free subscriber software by CA & customized toolbar.

I googled for more tech info & now managed to hookup my own wireless-G router with WPA2P-TKIP security & firewall, behind the SMC modem without calling in to switch the hardware into bridge mode, and, I'm now getting full Turbo boost speed on my own G router setup (what a nice surprise) Plus, this setup allow me to connect 2 RJ-45 into 2 desktop pc's in my home office/library as one of them is tied to a DVR-based security system with webcam features. Has the same assigned ip address installation, DHCP handled the routing for pc's & laptops connected to the subset - has not dropped sync.even once (great) when I was doing the daily DSL modem reset ritual (hated it, VZ)

For gamers & other users, faster upload speed is always welcomed but mine is good enough for now, doubled what I was getting over DSL - whereas download is anywhere from 10 to 15 times faster with boosting. As RR and cable began to look at Fios competition, I believe we as home users will see faster upload speed overtime - as some places are now getting 1MB - fastest here is generally 768k.

Just look at my modem stats now (it's evening/peak hours) and they looked great, still boosting above my provisioned 15MB speed at around 17 MB and even results from pingtest.net are looking good. Basically, my downstream is as good as the basic intro Fios speed available only on a selective basis around my neighborhood as fiber deployment has been slowed to a crawl (eventually, every home on the block will have it - by 2014) This easily beat the **** out of Verizon's DSL slow speed of 1.0/384 that I was getting earlier this month & they couldn't do anything better - was paying $29.99 in non-contract monthly price and now for $3 more per month (exclude the other bundled prices for phone & cable TV) - and free wifi, this is definitely a Win-Win situation for me.

I will post update at 1 month and 3 month interval but this is a price/performance-competitive alternate to copper wires when fios isn't coming along (been promised for 2 years, neighborhood live for over 12 months here & lousy VZ customer care)


(Update as of 11/15/2010) - Getting close to our 30 days milestone, hi-speed internet has been very good to excellent (as fast as 18MB boosted), with moderate slowdown at peak usage hours (~8 to 11 MB d/l) but still very fast compare to copper DSL line. Digital home phone has been crystal clear, solid and 99.8% uptime, very few telemarketing calls with call screening (ACR activated) and using our own digital voice mail to screen calls, registration for National DNC list should be in effect by next week on our unpublished & unlisted number. The only downside is one of the Samsung SMT-H3050 box continued to freeze & promptly for manual reset/forced power cycle, called into tech support once to reset with a remote signal - if not resolved, they will dispatch a tech to come & test the box/exchange it. Otherwise, our HD signal is 99.5% solid over HDMI to our TV, excellent picture quality on our plasma set.


Update as of 11/25/2010 - So far so good, 5 weeks into new installation

Non-peak hours download consistently above provisioned speed, same for upload - could use faster speed, but adequate & better than old DSL copper

Download is slower at peak demand period for my node, but typically between 5MB and 10MB, mostly at 8MB or 9MB - streaming video still fine at these speed

»www.speedtest.net/result/1045534 ··· 4757.png

Zero downtime thus far on broadband or digital phone

Update - Mar. 29, 2011 - Broadband speed still holding up above provisioned turbo/boosted speed of 15MB/768 to as high as 19 MB during non-peak use period (evenings) and digital phone is working great, experienced no downtime whatsoever despite our winter blizzard & snow storms, wind & heavy downpours (rain) for 3+ months. Results below taken this evening - slower & typical of neighborhood when more folks are "sharing" the same cable run - while using wireless signal, using our own N node router w. WPA2-TKIP - too congested on TWC's Aris modem set to Ch. 1 on less secured WEP mode. Faster results when using desktop on a hard-wired ethernet hookup.

»www.pingtest.net/result/37863485 ··· 3485.png

»speedtest.net/result/1226922226. ··· 2226.png

[Updated as of 11/6/2011]

We had one of the best intro promo package from TWCNYC last year and nothing as good offered/available since then. Now on month 13, made changes in downgrading services to save money since overall prices have gone up by about $22 including taxes & fees, mostly on the TV side. Dropped the wireless modem/router & exchanged it for plain old 2.0 RCA/Thompson modem, easily setup and plugged into our own N wireless router, WPA2-PSK security - yes, full control. Negotiated to keep turbo/speedboost paying just $4.99/mo with a $5 credit for 12 months, otherwise downgrade to standard 10/.512 services. Now, average boosted speed is over 22 MB/s to as fast as 29 MB/s over ethernet ports, slower wireless as expected due to overheads, latency is good, teens to 26 ms mostly, upload still capped at 768k. Removed the free Showtime package even though it's still offered to us at nearly 50% off for next 12 months. Fios still not available on our block, neighbors 500 ft. or one block away had been "live" for 20+ months now, go figure ....

BTW, our cable broadband & digital phone (plus TV) has been very reliable, held up during winter blizzard, summer storm & most recently the freak snow storm that disrupted services elsewhere - so thank you, TWC for what the crews are doing, it maybe a bit pricey but considering the alternative (and their customer disservice) - it's worth it !!

[Update as of 3/1/2012]

As of 2 am this morning upon checking our modem/router stats & power cycling/reboot, RR has increased upload speed by 125% + from the old .768 to 1.7MB without further gains on downstream side, as high as 28 to 30MB at off-peak, non-rush hour but otherwise around 10 to 12 MB - which is the provisioned speed plan of 15/.768 with turbo/speed-boost at 50% off (paying $5/mo instead of full $9.99/mo for the optional speed burst).

Reliability has been excellent with up-time of 99.95% - speed does vary since cable is on a shared node, not overly subscribed in our area, however - and had only 1 minor service call in the 17 months (at no charge) to check on the connection coming into the basement/house & signal level.

Price for the overall Triple Play package has gone up after 12 months to a total of $160/mo for the entire bundle - the biggest problem is the high rental fees for the HD/DVR/STB.

This will most likely be the last & final update for cable broadband from TWC as we are preparing for transition to Fios later this month - their offers with 24 months price locked, discounts & faster UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD (25/25) speed for same tier but 40% less than cable is just irresistable - and good for our bank account since we're enrolled in auto-pay.

We could call retention & see what they can do, but likely TWC can come anywhere close to price match or discount it against VZ's fiber offer - so, we will setup Fios and return all the cable equipment - terminate the account & get a partial month credit refund since it's billed in advance.

With rising prices & more money bleeding each time we filled up at the gasoline station (unrelated to cable services & costs itself) - we must prioritize & find ways to save money. In our area, competition is good, very good for us with Fios availability, finally.

»speedtest.net/result/1806450600. ··· 0600.png - most updated & best speed results, different when using testmy.net, YMMV

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