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Review by Defiance82 See Profile

  • Location: Burlington,Racine,WI
  • Cost: $125 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Connection Quality and Reliability"
Bad "Nothing Yet"
Overall "Great for the price and great reliability"
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When I moved to Rochester, WI I placed a new order for Cable TV with a DVR and Cable Internet 15/1 with Turbo. The connection has been rock solid and I have no complaints about it at all. I had my own cable modem so everything went great

Update 3/09/2013

I moved back to Burlington, WI and placed a new order for 50/5mbps internet and Cable TV. My install was done on the same day I moved in. At this time I had purchased a Tivo XL4 Premiere box. The internet is really fast but not as fast as my 105/20mbps Comcast which I had for 9 months prior. I have issues with the Tivo not recording suggestions but this is an error with the TWC SDV boxes. Overall I'm pretty satisfied.

Update 5/08/2013

Everything is running smoothly. I'm close to getting my rebate. I think I have another month left to wait. The internet has been solid and no disconnects. The cable TV has been great as well. All and all I'm still satisfied.

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I am Done


Frustrated with loose connection

I moved to Cleveland OH from VA and the only available internet/ cable service for the apartment complex was Time Warner Cable. So I ordered one. and ever since my internet connection was horrid.. exactly around 10:30 11:00am the Modem goes offline.. After numerous calls and 3 home visit the last guy detected it as a bad cable to my entry point..
Now I am given a discount after my calls to them.. although I had almost NO connection for 2 months ( Sporadic) I am offered only a week and 3 days when they didnt have someone to send to my home.. On top of that they never sent me a bill and now collection calls are calling...
I am tired and frustrated fighting with them..I work from home and internet connection is my bread and butter I had to go to ppls home and library to work these past two months almost every day but these ppl are master cons..