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Six Month Rating

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Review by banditws6 See Profile

  • Location: Frisco, TX
  • Cost: $74 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "8 DS / 4 US channels in North TX; good pings; getting the speed I paid for."
Bad "Lots of congestion issues in this area; value/dollar without TV service isn't the greatest."
Overall "Solid and fast service in northwest Frisco provided you have a DOCSIS 3 modem."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I moved to Frisco after living in Florida under Comcast's umbrella for the last 10 years. At my new address the only service I can get is Time Warner's Road Runner cable (I was hoping for FiOS, but it was not to be!). In this area, Time Warner is offering a promotional rate of about $44 for Turbo (20 Mbps down / 2 Mbps up) for one year, so I went for it -- especially since I am not planning to order TV service and will be using Netflix and OTA only.

I ordered online on Monday 2/21 and was scheduled for an install on 3/1. That was too far out for my liking, so I called in and got a Saturday appointment on 2/26 (somebody had canceled). The tech arrived right on time on 2/26 and had the install done pretty quick, no BS, no crappy cable company software...it just worked. Modem supplied by Time Warner was an Ambit U10C018.

Since the install, multiple speed tests show that I'm consistently getting about 19.75 Mbps down and 1.9 Mbps up, so that's about as good as I could expect. Curiously, there does not seem to be any Powerboost support. I had thought Road Runner had this capability that I had previously enjoyed under Comcast, but I'm not getting it -- maybe the Ambit modem is not compatible; haven't researched that yet. Powerboost was never a big plus for me, and I could take it or leave it, so I am not currently complaining.

Although I am getting my current rates for a year, I am not sure what price I can expect to pay when the promotional period is up. Despite trying to learn this information, no one at Time Warner would tell me. One rep even insisted that the $44 I'm paying for 20/2 service *IS* the regular rate -- yeah right! I may need to drop back down to standard 10/1 service at the conclusion of the promo period, especially if they hit me with a "no cable TV" unbundling fee. In the meantime, though, I'm going to enjoy the speed.

Edited to add that my signal levels are what I consider excellent for both downstream and upstream. Receive power level is 3.8 dB and transmit is 40.7 dB. Much better than the often marginal signals (especially for downstream) that I had with Comcast at my old address in Naples, FL.

Will update this review if conditions change.


Update on 2/19/2012:

As expected I lost the promotional rate a year after signup; the regular Turbo tier rate of about $65 was more than I wanted to pay so I dropped down to the 10 Mbps tier. So far everything still seems to work well (Netflix streaming, etc.).

Service still seems reliable but slowdown can be quite evident on weekends and during certain times of the evening.


Update on 11/19/2012:

Slowdown became quite pronounced, to the point where I was only getting 3-4 megabits of usable downstream bandwidth during most hours. Ended up purchasing a Zoom 5341J DOCSIS 3 cable modem to alleviate this via channel bonding. Since the North Texas TWC area has 6 downstream channels (and 4 upstream channels) available for bonding, I am now seeing every bit of my subscribed 10/1 speeds and am a much happier customer. This will also exempt me from paying the upcoming modem lease fee that TWC will be imposing soon.

AT&T also recently greenlit my address for U-Verse at 18 Mbps, but now that TWC is upgrading 10/1 subscribers to 15/1 soon, and I am getting reliable speeds thanks to channel bonding, I see no compelling reason to change providers. Previously I had become irked that $53/mo. for 10/1 service wasn't that great of a value, but at 15/1 the price seems more attractive. Just wish we could get even an extra megabit of upload bandwidth! 1 Mb makes using cloud storage and YouTube uploads pretty painful.

Also, I have updated my total monthly cost to reflect current pricing for the 10/1 Standard tier without TV service (about $53/month).


Update on 12/2/2012:

Time Warner has upgraded our area to 15/1 for the Standard tier, as they're in the process of doing nationwide. Modem needed a power cycle to pick up on it. With my new DOCSIS 3 modem I'm getting the full 15/1 every time I've checked.


Update on 7/25/2013:

We recently upgraded our service to the 30/5 tier after becoming tired of the paltry 1 Mbps upload. My Zoom 5341J happily delivers every bit of it at all hours I've tested. Very pleased with the connection reliability, though I think Time Warner's value per dollar is becoming less competitive when compared to some others in the cable industry, particularly Comcast.

The $74 per month that we pay now (actually $70 plus taxes) is what I would consider borderline acceptable for 30/5 service, but one Time Warner phone rep told me that this is a promotional rate which will go up to some undetermined amount in a year's time. (Another told me that it wasn't. Typical conflicting information from a sales department.) I suspect the actual rate may be $80 a month. That seems egregious to me, but I'll probably keep paying it because there's no way I'm getting those kinds of speeds from any other provider at my address.

Still, I am experiencing far better reliability and consistency of both the actual service and TWC's billing department than I ever got from Comcast, so there's that.

Also wanted to note that North Frisco recently got two more downstream channels lit up for a total of eight, which has helped ensure that I always get the 30 Mbps I pay for.

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