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Review by MyDogHsFleas See Profile

  • Location: Austin,Travis,TX
  • Cost: $50 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Solid connection. Service OK."
Bad "Nothing yet."
Overall "Pleased with DOCSIS 3.0 service"
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Connection Reliability:
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UPDATE: Had it for a few months now. I've been upgraded to 30/5 on Extreme now that the DOCSIS 3.0 rollout is complete in my area.

I do have a complaint... connection reliability is significantly worse than AT&T, but tolerable at least for me. About once a week now I have to reboot the network, and my iPad connection to the WiFi is spotty (although my other devices seem to be fine). AT&T was outstanding on connection reliability. So I've downgraded the "connection reliability" setting.


Had AT&T U-Verse and AT&T DSL before that. Left Road Runner some 7 years ago because old DOCSIS 2 system wasn't good enough for VoIP. TWC finally has DOCSIS 3.0 in Austin and it's cheaper and faster than U-Verse VDSL2 so I thought I'd give them another try. The quality seems much better, zero dropped packets and good latency with little jitter. So I'm keeping it.

Price difference: U-Verse Max Turbo $75/mo, 24/3 service. Road Runner Extreme, $50/mo, currently 20/2 service, will move to 30/5 in a couple of months when they upgrade the headend to support bonded channels. Wifi modem/router is included which is better than the U-verse gateway because it has gigabit ports and 802.11n support (though not simultaneous dual band - you have to choose 2.4 or 5.0 Ghz band) and you can put it in bridge mode if you wish.

Order/install process wasn't bad, techs showed up on time in the stated 2 hour window and called first. Only glitch was they didn't provision the wifi support on my account and it took a 2nd tech visit to figure that out - the symptom was that the wifi would just turn itself off.

They supplied a Ubee modem/router which seems to be working OK although the Web UI is difficult and ugly, but the functionality is all there.

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Cedar Park, TX

Stability Question

Do you thing your connection problems ( weekly rebooting and iPad connectivity ) are more a function of the router they gave you to use or are you having sync problems also?
Austin, TX

Re: Stability Question

I don't know. I don't think I'm having sync problems, except maybe one or two times. I suspected the gigabit switch that I had installed in the closet with the Ubee modem/router, so I replaced it. Still having issues.

I am going to try bridge mode and see if I'm happier.

Cedar Park, TX

Re: Stability Question

I just got my 30/5 activated today and set it to bridge mode right away. I've just seen too many threads where people complain about the ubee. So I'll post my review in 30 days once I have had a chance to judge the stability.