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Review by dragonman300 See Profile

  • Location: Anaheim,Orange,CA
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Excellent reliability "
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-First review!-At install, installer give me beat up RCA DM425. Not happy so I went to TWC store next day to exchange My DM425 for new Cisco 2100 cable modem. Im happy with higher speed and it is 3X faster than At&t "Uverse" internet ELITE plan. I am Roadrunner Turbo customer and I get averagely 15 to 25mbps. Take that AT&T!

-Second review!- It been almost a year anniversary with Time Warner Cable. Im happy with RR due to low latency and fast high speed and the best part of all?? NO DATA CAP! I kept going over 350gb every month! Thanks to Netflix HD streaming and gaming. Recently, I ordered RR Turbo Plus with free WIFI networking for $10 more. TWC mailed me Motorola SBG6850 and the setup went smoothly. I also noticed I get extra 20% upload increase than with Cisco 2100. Overall, Im happy

-Third review! I decided to order standard digital cable with CableCard. Installed it with Ceton infinitv 4 and whoa! Free DVR! I decided to cut down the cable bill. I downgraded RR turbo to Standard and sent Moto SBG6850 back. Still have my Powerboost. My bill is about $62 a month. Pretty happy and I get those channels I want to watch like MTV, History, Cartoon Network, Nick and so on.

Several months later, I got a letter from TWC stating that few channels will be digital and I will get free standard cable box. I got old school Motorola DCT2224 and I can access tv guide and OnDemand for free. Sweet!

Today, I found out that WE have to pay modem rental fee. I was pretty upset and bought Moto SB5101U on ebay for $22 bucks. I refuse to pay $6 rental fee for $25 cisco modem

Fourth review!

Recently, I called TWC if they can extend my promotional pricing for another year. They said no. Okay, goodbye Time Warner, Hello DISH! Also Motorola SB5101u is still kicking on standard internet. Speedtest show 30mbps down and 0.98up. Basically, Im maxing out on the docsis 2.0 modem

Fifth review!

Today, we discovered we get 10% speed increase. The bad part? TWC took away my PowerBoost! I was pissed off. VERY. I like having 30mbps down for 20-30 sec. Very helpful for large files. If TWC kept making me mad, I will switch to At&t Uverse internet.

Sixth review! I no longer have Motorola SB501u (low speed in the morning) and now have Netgear CG3000D. Work great in bridge mode with Linksys E2500. TWC announced we will getting huge speed boost in LA before the end of the year. I was thinking of upgrading to Turbo plan which will eventually upgrade to 100mbps. We see

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