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Review by BucknRusty See Profile

  • Location: Liberty Hill,Williamson,TX
  • Cost: $145 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Speeds are super fast 20mbps most times down and 1mbps up."
Bad "So far nothing"
Overall "Best thing I've ever had."
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The Internet service I've had for a little over a week and thus far it has been flawless. I couldn't ask for better a better Internet experience.

The only complaint I have with Time Warner / Road Runner is that when I setup my install I started out doing it online. Unfortunately the confirmation email showed the install date a day sooner than I could work with. My only choice was to call to fix the error on the appointment date. Since I previously lived in north Texas and my cell number was a north Texas number. When I called Time Warner's Austin number, my call was sent to a foreign call center. I found that any Time Warner number I called from my north Texas cell or home phone was forwarded to a foreign call center. Like all Americans I hate this. I refused to talk to them. But in the end I either had to drive to Austin to pickup a local phone and call or deal with the Guatamaulindianistians. Against my will I dealt with the barely English speaking people and had to call many times to get the appointment straight. Now that I have moved to the Austin area and have an Austin cell phone and a Austin home phone number I call the exact same number and talk to people in Austin. Amazing....

The good folks in the Austin office have been helpful, prompt, professional and appear to be truly concerned the couple of times I've needed to call them.

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Inside your computer
Corpus Christi, TX

Don't forget..

That the time of day sometimes effects the call center you will get. If you call later in the night you may have a higher chance of getting one out of the state. Me though I have been connected to one in mexico city and phillepines before and both spoke perfect english. Had I not asked I would of never known that, maybe I just got lucky but i'll never know the answer to that lol. But like you and many others I just can't stand talking to those foreigners who barely speak english. Last time I ever had to talk to one like that it was when I had to call up linksys support.