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  • Location: Buffalo,Erie,NY
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "none"
Bad "Price Gouging, poor speeds, oversubscribed."
Overall "Go somewhere else if you can."
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Roadrunner raises prices monthly, while decreasing services and speeds.

They are so horribly oversubscribed, gaming is impossible from 5PM to 11PM as all the Netflix customers have the pipes clogged.

Speeds inside their system are fine, and as advertised or better, showing the system itself has the internal capacity to provide decent speed. However these cheap bastards have poor connectivity to the real world Internet, where the real measure of thruput becomes the issue. Its because they're cheap and do nothing but line their pockets at customer expense without upgrading their peering capacity (that costs them money).

I'd switch to anything IF it were available, but its not, they have a monopoly in the Buffalo area. I dont even consider VerSleazon's DSL an option, as there's no one there who speaks english, they're dumb as rocks, and even after two years, they couldn't get an email account working after 20 calls.

But this is about the RR thieves, bait and switch, and plain POOR service. Don't buy any higher tier plans, their business class gets worse connections than consumer, because they're spying on all your traffic.

They're the only monopoly game in town and pay off Albany regulators to stay that way.

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Dallas, TX

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Telco astroturfer

Posted from the same domain as this review »Review of Time Warner Cable only difference is that the reviewer is 'hidden by request'... how convenient.

When is BBR going to deny these astroturfers access to ISP reviews? They don't even require to have a BBR user to post an ISP review, now they just email it.

Obviously the original poster doesn't even have any type of service from TWC.

Cortland, NY

Re: Telco astroturfer

He's mistaken he meant to post this in the VZ forum