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Review by mind21_98 See Profile

  • Location: San Diego,San Diego,CA
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "Getting the speeds I paid for"
Bad "Wish they had faster upload"
Overall "Go for it"
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Install Co-ordination:
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I switched away from U-Verse because of the caps and because it turned out to be more expensive for lower speed. I had Turbo Plus for an entire year or so afterward before Wideband finally became available, at which time I upgraded to Extreme. Unfortunately I was getting only half the upload that I was supposed to. Took a week or so of calling TWC to finally get someone to come out to my house, but once they did they quickly found that it was a node problem. A day later and I started getting full speeds.

I would definitely do it again if given the chance. Too bad they don't have higher upload speeds than they currently do though.

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