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  • Location: Twentynine Palms,San Bernardino,CA
  • Cost: $150 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Triple Play Package - Improved Speeds"
Bad "Contract Expired - Price Jumped $10 a month and goes up 2-3 a month"
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The flash test to L.A. crashed over 5Mb (looks to be a flash issue 11.2-r202)

Supposed to have 10Mb speeds and have been notified that by mid year, we'll be bumped to 15Mb (June/July).

They have not permanently fixed the dropped connection issue - it's a bad cable that needs replacing and the only thing done was to replace a couple of splitters and install an amp. Part of the problem is line degradation (it's been up for over 10 years - decade) and needs to be replaced. Could also be a node issue as it's only the internet and voip that drops. TV stays up.

It's the voip drops that are of real concern as this is our primary phone line - Had switched to TWC Voip due to a bad landline (verizon did a temporary replacement after the line shorted out and called 911 while officer was there in response to earlier call). That was over 7 years ago and Verizon has never replaced the temp line with a buried one.

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Apache Junction, AZ

May need a spectrum analyzer

If you can get access to a spectrum analyzer you can check the cable for signal level and noise. One problem I had with Mediacom was the signal level was very low and there was so much noise on the line that it almost completely swamped out the signal. They had some nice equipment but nobody who seemed to know how to use it. I showed the cable guy the problem on my own analyzer and got them to turn up the signal level which helped for a few days but then it went back to not working again. One problem with cable is that if you have a white trash trailer park down the street they have probably tapped into the cable illegally which interferes with your signal. Everytime the cable guy from Mediacom came out to my house they were always saying they had to remove illegal connections down the street!