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Review by doczaius See Profile

  • Location: San Antonio,Bexar,TX
  • Cost: $62 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Cheaper than GVTC due to lack of phone line requirement."
Bad "Ubee modem/wifi/router offers inconsistent performance."
Overall "Cheaper than the available competiton."
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Install Co-ordination:
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Install was relatively painless, though to keep it free, I had the UBEE 3611 Router installed in a location where I had an existing Ethernet and cable jack. The Extreme package was the fastest speed available to me. Compared to my previous FTTH connection, there is no appreciable difference in speed, though the latency is 20-30ms greater.

I experienced intermittent issues with responsiveness using the router built into the Ubee DDW3611. Occasionally Netflix, Vudu, or iTunes movie would pause and buffer without any other activity on the network. Searching Google lead me to information on how to access hidden features in the admin site to disable the routing functions and use the 3611 as only a modem (then using a wrt300n with ddwrt as my router).

Overall I'm happy with the cost and the product -- paying slightly more than half the cost of my FTTH connection for a connection that's 10mbps faster.

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