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Review by mitchell See Profile

  • Location: Darlington,Darlington,SC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 12 days
Good "Fast! Low Latency, No Drops(so far)"
Bad "No support Locally for setup"
Overall "Happy and Pleased"
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I have been on Bellsouth (ATT) DSL for over 12 years. The pushed a upgrade to me from 3.0 to 6.0 and I knew it! The line was not stable and sucked eggs big time. I'm too far for that speed, but the new guy said its within specs. Well I was not happy and they would not take me back to 3.0, so I for the first time in over a decade actually entered a TW office and had Cable installed in my home..They were shocked I didnt have a cable drop from the road on my property!!! But its been soooo nice to have stable IP again and the powerboost is really nice I've seen speeds up to 12MB at times with most average speed at 6-8MB...

I am paying for a bundle (yep I've been bundled) of HDTV.DVR IP and Phone for 89.00/month with no contract!!! That's right no contract...probably because I dropped DirecTV at the same time...I dont know and I still have the direct system on standby just incase...

My modem is a Arris 5204 and I have a Dlink Router after that to provide Wireless and to plug my desktops into for IP access..all have been flawless

Here is the wierd thing and I had to come to grips with it... I made a call to Tech Support at TW about a question I had about the speed level I was being given, They confirmed it was a 6 MB service with speedboost BUT during the call the TS was able to see my router and tell me my model and how many computer were online on the ethernet ports and the wireless....SHOCKED? Oh boy was I !!! I didnt know they would buy that deep into my side of the connection....

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MAC address of router identifies brand/model

they can tell the brand/model of your router by looking up the MAC address of the router plugged into their modem, but they cannot see how many computers are running behind your router, as to the front side (world) of the router it just looks like one single MAC address form the router to the modem.

now if you used a switch (dummy router) and each computer plugged into the switch was getting a different IP address then for sure they would be able to tell how many computers you had plugged into the switch and on.