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Six Month Rating

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  • Location: Frisco,Denton,TX
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Delivers fairly reliable service at about 3 Mbps"
Bad "I get 3 Mbps but I'm paying for 15 Mbps"
Overall "If you can get past the fact they misrepresent the speed, it's better than what AT&T is offering in the same market."
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I currently have RoadRunner Turbo which, according to my monthly bill,
is supposed to deliver "up to" 15 Mbps at a cost of $59.98. According to
the speed tests on DSLReports, I rarely get above 3 Mbps and never
exceed 6 Mbps. That's adequate most of the time, but it still bothers
me that RoadRunner advertises speeds that are never actually realized.

(review was emailed from domain tx.rr.com)
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RR Speeds

You should be getting 12+ on a 15mbps. Have you called to do troubleshooting? Anything less than 80% of their advertised speeds is problematic and there may be a signal issue that needs to be fixed.