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Review by sinaz See Profile

  • Location: Encino,Los Angeles,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Solid connection, reasonable speeds."
Bad "Lack of any other ISP choice"
Overall "It works. It's reasonably fast."
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Well, It's been several years since I've done a review. I figured I'll just do one now since there is a lack of any in my area. This is less about my actual service with TWC and more about lack of competition in the Encino area.

I'll start off by saying that Time Warner here isn't bad by any means. Really I've had no complaints about their communication, their tech roll outs, and service. We've been with TWC for over 7 years and have probably only had outages once every other year (knock on wood) of which only lasted maybe a night. Recently, we called up to add another cable box separate to the living room and also ended up bumping our broadband speeds to the 30/5 tier for the same price we were paying before. Our connection consistently exceeds that by about 5/.5 and again have no complaints.

Most of the problem lies with lack of competition in this area. ATT is the only other provider, and for some reason lacks any competitive packages and connection speeds. Seeing as how U-Verse (VDSL) has been around for quite some time, you would think they'd have rolled it out to places that are somewhat populous. Their speeds max out at 6mbits (what is this 2004?), and their TV service is non existent. The disparity between TWC's packages and ATT's packages begs to question whether they even care about garnering any customers in this region.

Now you may be thinking why this sounds more like a rant/review about ATT especially when my service with TWC has been pretty good. Well, I can assure you it's not that I have a desire to switch over, but more along the lines that if my relationship with TWC does go sour for any reason, I have no where else to go with anything decent.

I understand that most of the country lacks competition and there are areas that are far worse off than I which i feel immensely for, but there is still no excuse for a multi billion dollar corporation with the means to deliver a comparable service in a demanding area to keep delivering archaic technologies. In a perfect world, I would like to see telco/cableco territories knocked down and have them overlap each other for much more competition, but that's not what we're given. Only a few minutes away the choices are somewhat comparable between these duopolies, but over here, it might as well be a monopoly.

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