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Review by steevo22 See Profile

  • Location: Fullerton,Orange,CA
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Faster than AT&T DSL or Uverse, by far"
Bad "Business practices"
Overall "I recommend TWC but only because they are the only game in town. If that sounds like a faint recommendation, it is. "

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I had AT&T DSL, very slow and inadequate, and they raised the price past what I could get TWC for. So I finally switched in frustration. See my review of AT&T for the continuing saga with them.

So anyway, I contacted TWC by phone. I really got the runaround, clearly the phone reps are all on commission and thus have a very significant conflict of interest both with the company and with their customers. I had a guy trying so hard to sell me a $139 a month package with home security, phone, internet and TV, I told him over and over I wouldn't be interested, finally hung up in disgust. He actively refused to sell me what I wanted.

Apparently the phone reps don't make enough money on a single service, so some at least avoid selling it. What a conflict of interest this is, and it amazes me that TWC allows this to exist. They are probably losing hundreds of millions of dollars because of it.

Course I am also amazed at how many people I meet cannot identify a clear conflict of interest when presented with one. I avoid them myself.

So I tried the online chat. That worked much better, I got my $34.99 a month 15 Meg internet and nothing else. The bill is exactly $34.99 too. No ups, no extras, no resort fees. Haha.

It's a few weeks later, and I have had to power cycle my cable modem twice, not sure why. Stopped working.

I have Directv for tv and I would be willing to change to TWC under certain circumstances. I tried the phone again, for some reason most of these companies prefer to do all their business by phone. I got the same runaround, trying to sell me a bunch of stuff I didn't want under any circumstances.

So I tried the chat again. That worked much better. The chat rep said I could get the standard TV (seems like a couple hundred channels) and my 15 meg internet for $64.99 a month. She mentioned that was good in that particular zip code and it was an amazing deal. I said fine, sign me up. She said "I am processing your order".

Very slow chat response, and I was ultimately disconnected. I tried the chat again the next day when I had time, I got another rep who offered me the same thing. I said fine, sign me up. I sat there for a while, she said "I am processing your order". After about 15 minutes, disconnected again.

The next day I chatted them again, asked if they had logs, the rep said yes, I said please read them and sign me up for what I ordered. He said "I am processing your order".

I got disconnected again! Geez.

A day later I tried again, this has been going on for about 5 days. The rep said "there is an order in the system for you, starter TV and 20 meg internet". I said I wouldn't be interested in paying TWC for OTA channels only, I get 78 channels on my antenna with a stunning picture, so no need to pay them for that. I again set the standards for what I wanted and how much I was willing to pay. He said that was not what the deal was right now, and did I want my order that was in the system. I said no, I didn't order that, cancel it.

Heh. Ridiculous.

So a few days later I get a phone call from TWC about my cancelled order. I told the rep what I was willing to take and how much I was willing to pay, she put me on hold and went to speak to a supervisor. I was of course disconnected, but she called back and said I could have something for $89 a month. I said no, I already told you what I was willing to take and what I was willing to pay. She hung up.

I remain here with my 15 meg internet and Directv.

I don't think the chat reps or the phone rep who called me had a conflict of interest, or not an obvious one like the phone reps I called had. Clearly they didn't want to take any orders that were not profitable for them even though the company clearly sold those products.

My advice to all companies is to be absolutely sure your customers, your employees and your company have their interests aligned. No conflicts of interest. The company must be losing many customers and lots of business by this flim-flam.

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You're way off

As a former TWC rep. You have it all wrong as for conflict as well as the reps you speak with. The phone reps are suppose to attempt to upsell you, they are sales reps. Online reps are called retail reps for a 3rd party company. They handle all companies and always get the info wrong. 64.99 is the broadcast and turbo hsd, that has been their package for more than a year. Also, if you chat online you might want to check the packages that are available and know, if they have a online offer only, it means its a online offer only. That would be a retailer/authorize dealer.