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Review by ElJay See Profile

  • Location: Portland,Cumberland,ME
  • Cost: $35 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Speed is what I ordered"
Bad "Ordering and install took hours on the phone, reliability declining"
Overall "Now that it is going, I hope it just works"
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:
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Update September 7, 2014: The past couple of weeks have not been good for reliability. I woke up and found myself affected by TWC's national outage on August 27, and last night my internet was out for 6.5 hours. If I had another option for broadband, I would gladly take it.


I recently moved and sadly Time Warner Cable is the only broadband option in my new location. I am too far away from the central office for any usable DSL and I do not have line of sight to connect to our local WISP.

The sales and ordering process was not good. I called to establish TV and internet service. The previous occupants of the house had recently cancelled service, which left a work order out there that was somehow blocking me in Time Warner's system from signing up for new service. The guy on the phone tried to clear it, but he couldn't do anything until we waited an hour and it filtered out of the system. I called back an hour later, somehow got the same guy again, and we continued where we left off. It still took another forty five minutes on the phone to get to the point of done because of various system difficulties they seemed to be experiencing.

I decided to bring my own modem which I purchased off of their approved modem list, which allows me to avoid their $6/mo modem lease fee. In retaliation for this decision, it took over an hour on the phone with them to activate my modem. I was passed between seven different people. After forty seven minutes on the line, one of them deliberately hung up on me because he supposedly couldn't hear me. Before that I was transferred erroneously to the billing department. One person didn't seem to understand the difference between a modem and a cable box. Across all of these different people, I had to tell each one the phone number on my account and at least four different people the MAC address on the modem. Luckily, for the last guy I was dealing with, I eventually found a slip of paper I received when I got my cable box that had my account number on it. This tidbit of information seemed to be the gateway to getting activated. This last guy still took twenty minutes to get it working, but at least their network actually let me pass data now.

The speed is very solid and matches what I ordered. I just hope that I never have to call them up again.

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Fiendishly clever plan to stonewall BYOM provisioning.

It does seem that they were annoyed that you chose to BYOM, and it wouldn't surprise me for one second that TWC makes it difficult to provision your own modem hoping that after a few failed tries you will submit to renting one of their own. Utter bullshite if you ask me, and very deliberate.

I would have called their executive office and told them about your experience, it isn't rocket science to provision a modem.


Re: Fiendishly clever plan to stonewall BYOM provisioning.

You do have another option. unFairpoint. Good luck with there awesome, yet terrible service.