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Review by drgonzo See Profile

  • Location: Lenexa,Johnson,KS
  • Cost: $61 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fast professional install. Better than advertised speeds. Happy customer!"
Bad "Cut out a bunch of old coax that I was going to use without asking"
Overall "Good price, no contract or caps, better than advertised speeds. TWC is getting it, at least in my market!"
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Value for money:
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Went online to order service due to U-Verse raising my rates over $75 a month on the same day my contract ended with them. Looked at all the competitors in my area - I have three providers to choose from. Decided to cut the 'TV Cable' as we don't use it enough and just stick with internet. They had no install dates that worked for me so I engaged their chat assistance and was able to sign up for service there. I signed up for the 30m package which was 54.99 + 5.99 modem rental. The chat person was able to get me an install on Saturday morning - hooray!

Tech came out at 8:30am +/- and proceeded to clean up some of the coax wiring that the previous owner left behind. However, I had coax run and terminated to the box outside for each room in the house (x7) and he proceeded to cut the ends off of all of those and then sealed the box back up. So, if I ever decided to put an antenna up or re-subscribe for internet, I am a bit hosed unless I want to replace all of the coax ends or have the tech do it. Ugh. Whatever. He did an extremely clean job with the wiring - I was completely impressed by his professionalism! He ran a new line to my office which is where I wanted the CPE and it was a fairly long run.

Service came online using an Arris dg860 and initial speed tests have been running around 57-57m this entire week - to be clear, I have used countless speed tests and they are all consistent with this speed. Keep in mind, I signed up for the 30m package. Downloads and such are consistent with these findings.

So far I am very pleased with the service. Much better than subscribed or advertised fees. No peak slow downs or drops anytime. Very professional and quick installation. No contract, competitive rates, no data caps. I am very happy at this time. Lets see how it goes!

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Buy the ticket, take the ride
Kansas City
·Time Warner Cable

Value for money

I was hesitant to rate value for money so high but here is why I did it.

I am getting nearly 60m service for the price of 30m service. The price for that is higher than I like but its better than the contract and close to same price for 18m service that ATT UVerse wanted and its better than the 2 year contract Surewest/Everest/CCI wanted me to sign. I am waiting for Google Fiber to finally hit my neighborhood this year, so I didn't want to be tied into a contract.

Also, and very important here...NO CAP! So, all of those factors make the 61 or so a month totally worth it! I guess value for money is in the eye of the bill payer???


Re: Value for money

Time Warner has done a complete 180 in the KC metro since Google started eating away large swaths of customers.

I have Time Warner at my house and I am getting fantastic service, which ironically I thank Google for.

I have already signed up for Google though, Time Warner can't touch 1000 / 1000 mbit/s for only 5 more dollars.