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Six Month Rating

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Review by Rick4769 See Profile

  • Location: Buffalo,Erie,NY
  • Cost: $193 per month
Good "Always adding HD channels"
Bad "Upload Speed, customer service, digital phone, to many price increases"
Overall "Behind the times compared to others."
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My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS
I was grandfathered in when Adelphia went bankrupt and TWC took over our area in WNY-Suburbs. On first day of TWC service, they immediately added 20 on demand channels to the minuscule lineup we had. Internet was greatly improved over Adelphia as far as reliability. TWC seemed to add channels but you paid for them with their constant price increases. I even opted for their digital phone plan where I bundled it with my internet and television. The digital phone was great until you had a power outage. There was no battery backup so you definitely need a cell phone.

TWC customer service was pathetic to say the least. You got 10 different answers from 10 different customers service representatives for the same problem.

Their greatest problem in customer service was not following through on what they promised. For example, their premium HD tier was to include MGM, Universal, MAV TV, Hallmark Movie channel and RFD. MAV-TV was advertised at the TWC website but never offered in the package. For two days, it popped up on TWC online TV but it was removed after I mentioned the fact in the DSL Reports TWC forum.

Internet reliability was very stable as compared to Adelphia. Good download speeds but only a paltry 5 upload speed. Price changes were constantly happening and TWC always mentioned it was the cost of programming increases. At times, I have seen local channels removed in a contract dispute and TWC had the gall to hand out antenna's-rabbit ears so you could pick up the channel in the dispute. They said this was a service to their customers. Also did the same with the Showtime channels even though you were already a subscriber. The customer always paid at the end once TWC finally negotiated a new deal.

Finally, when I heard back in February that Comcast was going to merge with TWC, I immediately dropped them for another provider. I found out I was saving over $30.00 a month with the new provider, getting better internet speeds, crisp SD and HD picture quality and a digital phone that had a battery backup.

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