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Review by Annmarie See Profile

  • Location: Ronkonkoma,Suffolk,NY
  • Cost: $29 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fast, Reliable, Easy Install - still as of early 2012"
Bad "An undisclosed charge for NIC"
Overall "Excellent value and terrific speeds - stable around 12/2 give or take"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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I signed up with OOL in early Dec 2000 after a call from Cablevision. I had been e mailing them constantly re: availability in my area. The moment it was available they called me and I ordered it over the phone. They sent the package via UPS :a Terajet Cable Modem, a 10/100 SOHO card, cable, splitter, software, and set up manual.

I paid $99. for the package( split into two easy payments for my convenience) by signinga 2 year contract ($299 w/o ). Since I already have Family Cable Television in my home the $39. OOL charge is reduced $10. to $29. a month.

From the time I opened the box, split my cable, ran the line to the modem, installed the card, ran the line from the modem to the computer and installed the software and registered it was just under an hour.What took the longest was making a hole in the wall to run cable from another room. Husband was not happy since I used a phillips screwdriver and hammer. You get the picture.

I have not had one outage since installation and several DSL REPORT tweaks later my speed has reached 5 mb down/1mb up. If a 35 year old stay at home mom can set this up for her gaming son anyone can. This site (DSL REORTS) helped me know what I was getting into before I setup. A little bit of research went a long way....many posts here turned me off of the DSL idea and I'm glad. OOL is tops with me.

Two small problems....I was hit with a $25. charge on my cable bill for the card (was never told about this only the $99.) and my dynamic IP has been static for a while. Small annoyances though for great speed. Also, all my sons gaming friends want to come over to play on our computer all the time. Eating me out of house and home. HAHAHAH

UPDATE: It has been quite sometime since my OOL installation and I am still very happy with the service all around. The price went up to $40 a month now that the initial contract is over but I still happy with what I get for the money. Very rarely do we get an outage, used customer service to help a neighbor recently and the tech was great - very patient with all the rebooting and resetting of modems and routers.

Recently the speeds were increased to 15/2 at no additional cost and depending on the time of day and the computer being used I can see around 12 to 13 /1. I was advised by a rep at OOL to switch out my free modem in order to be able to get thee increased speeds since my original modem did not support them. A quick trip to the local walk in center, handed over my old modem and they handed me a new one. Cool.

I see a lot of FIOS trucks in our neighborhood doing installations but I am quite satisfied with OOL and have no plans to change to another ISP.

UPDATE 3/11/09

Still very satisfied with the service. Have not had an outage in recent memory.

UPDATE: 2/13/2012

Still a solid value. I was able to renegotiate the two services OOL and OV locked in for 2 years but if Cablevision increases oh well.

The only outage I can remember in the past year was due to a power outage during a storm.

Many neighbors have the OTHER popular Long Island service and reps come door to door explaining the service and prices.

I am not changing.

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