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Review by goldensam See Profile

  • Location: Oceanside,Nassau,NY
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Boost Plus is fast."
Bad "Problem fixing took months"
Overall "Great when it works, long fix times when it does not"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I have had a 384/128 DSL connection with Speakeasy for $59.99 per month -(great ISP, but they are in a major "oversold bandwith" situation here in NY.

Installed OOL for my Sister In Law, and was impressed so I decided to give it a try. I got a call in March from OOL offering a 30 day trial. Due to a travel schedule, I requested that the modem not arrive until the first week of April. Well, it showed up on April 2, and I was online as soon as I ran the cable, and unplugged my DSL bridge.

This is one really fast service. At 384 kbs streaming video was OK, but not good enough to enjoy. I ususally had to wait for it to "rebuffer". Not now, it's the way it should be.

The connection has been up the week I have had it, and did not require any contact with anyone at OOL to get it up. Plugged it in, registered and I was good to go!

I did a few speedtests, and got between 50kbs and 2609kbs. I saw faster from MS servers as well.

Pre Sales: Didn't know much at all.
They were unable to answer if OOL uses DHCP or PPPOE-(they use DHCP)
Did not know what a VPN is
Told me that OOL now uses static IP addresses-(don't, although the lease times are long)

So far a great service, at amazing speeds for a really great price.


3/8/2004 -UPDATE: -(prompted to do so...)

11/2002-Moved to a new house, and got "bricked". Took one very pleasent phone call to get up and running.
3/8/2004 - Only downtime has been due to local power outages, not Optonline. During the 2003 Blackout OOL was working when my power was restored that night.

Speed has gone down with the same "Sharkfin" modem. Eventually I will swap it with with whatever is current. Also got the IO package with the Sony Boxes. Need to swap them too, they are terrible. Constant resets and loss of usage.

Uploads haven't changed, still a bit below 1Mb, but downloads have gone down. Now about 2-5 Mb, but it depends on day/time. Not that I'm complaining.

I can say that the service is totally reliable. It is always up!

Price went up to $50, and I consider that steep, but the speed -(although slower than it was) is very good.

IO with the Sony boxes sucks, and I really have to swap out for the newer boxes. The only reason I haven't is the new boxes have the stupid access card is on the front of the box, and I have a two year old son. How long until he finds the card and yanks it!

As for rankings, I am changing the value for the buck due to the price increase. Connection reliability to max.



Still have the service. Download speeds have increased to 9000.


Still have the service, despite FIOS being available.

Get pretty close to the 15mbs down and 2mbs up. Reliability has been rock solid, with not downtime and only occasional slowdowns.

I don't use the optonline DNS servers or optonline for newsgroups. Those services are not good at all.

Have become entirely dependent upon VPN for connectivity to work, and have not been disappointed. Sessions are never disconnected and the speed and latency is excellent.

I can say that I am 100% satisfied with the service at this point.



4/17/2011 update

Just bad... Upload goes to nothing depending strictly on time of day. They sent techs that cut off one room that had a cable box due to "ingress" he said could take down the whole node. Rewired from the pole, added a D3 modem and redid all the work the last CV cable tech did. Same problem, so the "ingress"was probably a complete lie, and now I have to rewire a room.

Time of day should be a full indication of network saturation, but no joy.. They just want to have someone else do the same stuff the last guy did.

I've been with CV to almost 20 years but it might be time to move on.... Sucks, the IPad app is really nice and I was looking forward to the network DVR.



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