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Review by njrichie See Profile

  • Location: Matawan,Monmouth,NJ
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "OOL Ultra 101, gives great performance!"
Bad "None"
Overall "Great service! OOL since 2001"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 3/17/15
Rock solid connections continue. Was grandfathered to Ultra 101/35 at same price for OOL Boost Plus, so I have a good deal. Have been Sam Knows tester since 2006 and can't say anything bad about OOL in all the years I had it. Verizon FIOS is still NOT available here, so OOL has been the only game in town. Yes, its pricey but I choose to spend my most money on my Internet connection instead of TV. I'm seeing over the what is expected, except at night around 8 PM when everyone is home according to my Sam Knows reports. But cable being a shared connection this is to be expected at busy night time.

Update 11/16/11
OOL Boost Plus exceeds expectations! 4 bonded channels and streaming speeds for home use. Stable connections and fast speeds are hallmark of this great service. DOCSIS 3.0 is the way to go and Cablevision is ramping up the speed and does not disappoint. If your looking for fast speeds for home use for gaming as well as other features like Opt Link this is the way to go. 59 Meg Down/8 Meg Up are what Im seeing here on a consistent basis.

Update 5/11:

Have OOL Boost for quite a while now and have had solid connections and speeds on OOL. Pretty much the smooth ride continues with Verizon FIOS still NOT available here after two years. Verizon wired along the right of way with no availability for homeowners here. But who needs it? OOL and OOL Boost are solid products for home use.

Old Review
It was an easy ride called the toll free number the day I got the letter from Cablevision. The rep was good and and asked the right questions. UPS delivered the Self- Install Kit in a few days. I purchased a nic card at CompUSA for less than what they were offering worked fine. Had to have a tech install another outlet on the second floor because of the computers location. Installer came and did a clean job running the wire and drilling through the outside wall. After he left was up and running in about 2-3 hours. I was too far from the CO to get DSL from Verizon and it seems that they really didnt care to give us BroadBand. Cable Modem is $99 and the service 29.95 a month which costs approx $5.00 more than what I was paying for an extra line and ISP for the dial-up. If you are handy you can install yourself. It would be better than waiting for someone to install your system for you. The speed have been a blazing 646-715 kbps.


Ok...did the speed test from got the following values:
3260 down
887 up
65 X faster than 56K
downloaded test64 from the Opt ftp site...shows 560 kb/sec
CNET Speed meter reports 709.6 kbps
Did speed tweak...looks good RWIN increased
Have gotten better values with than trying to get to the dslreports server in NY when its up to run a test. The other values were from the West Coast server. The above speeds were blazing compared to 28.8 modem speeds that I was stuck with as my phone lines did not support 56K. Living close to the Matawan line we have been cursed with having our C.O. in Keyport which is outside the technical limit for DSL to Old Bridge. As I did look through the numbers others were getting I noticed my values were low. I have posted the new test values under the 07747 zip and they are more in-line with everyone else.


Service is rock solid. Am now getting over 9MB down and 1MB up this happened when I changed the cable modem to a Moto SB5100. Price of course was increased to $ 44 per month with cable TV, $49 without. Speed is without a doubt one of the fastest in the country for a cable provider.

Download speeds have been reduced now getting 6MB on a good day. Upload speed has not changed still just under 1 MB. Now OOL with OV have noticed no speed drop with OV. The issue of speed drops have been noted all over the system not only here. Other than speed drop, service is still solid and zippy. DSL not available here so have limited options for Broadband maybe one day FIOS.

Download speeds have improved back to 8MB to 9MB during the day. Upload speeds unchanged at 1MB. Now have Triple Play with all three services (OOL,OV,IO). Moved from DirecTV back to CV due to pricing and defective box from DirecTV. NO DSL here, now no POTS either.

UPDATE 8/30/07
Connection reliabilty has declined with modem rebooting and sudden loss of signal for the past two months. Tech support has been unable to fix the problem after two home service calls. My signal levels and wiring is fine but yet the signal goes down for no reason multiple times during the day. The Motorola modem being swapped for a Webstar has had no change, proving that the problem is an ongoing system issue. I cant make or receive calls during the morning hours as my OV gets disconnected!
Many people in the OOL forum are reporting the same issue, so it is a system wide problem. As you see from my above posts, I was a big fan of OOL, but no more.

UPDATE 12/29/07
Connection reliability has improved after the problem was determined to be a voltage leak for the next door's neighbor's central a/c unit. The line from the post to the splitter was changed and the problems disappeared. I now have my rock solid connection back again. I have Boost and I am getting the 30 mbps down and 5 mbps up. Be aware that you need the right router to be able to pass these speeds if you have one. Not all routers support this fast pass through. Hooking up direct will not be a problem but have a firewall in place. I have raised my review as now the problems of the past summer was resolved. Make sure you get a good tech if you have a problem!

UPDATE 5/10/07
Great service continues, Boost is right on the money with 30 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up as advertised. Don't blame OOL for bad speeds if you have crappy cable wiring and splitters in your home.

UPDATE 10/26/09
Boost continues to give great performance. Web Site hosting excellent and easy to manage and many tools included. Connection rock solid NO complaints. Continues to out perform other services for the money.

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