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Review by RickNY See Profile

  • Location: Farmingville,Suffolk,NY
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "Stable, good speed, reliable service.. Receive above what we pay for"
Bad "DNS"
Overall "Best choice for the area.. Excellent value"
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Well, I'm 14 months into my 24 month contract with Optimum Online, and have no intention of getting rid of it.. Initial availability check online should be verified if possible with someone else's cable modem at your location as the database is not instantly updated when an area is turned on.. Ive had very few problems with the service the entire time. I think I can remember 3 or 4 outages in 14 months -- none longer than 45 minutes. As far as tech support, the front-line tech support is very limited. The best bet for highly technical questions is to ask in the forum, where it can be answered by one of the resident OOL engineers. Telephone support representatives just DO NOT have the technical background to solve anything more than the most common problems and create problem reports for engineering to look into.


After 2 yrs, 3 months: Overall, I am still satisfied with the service, although some things have changed.. For one, the OOL Mail and News servers (the news server USED to be excellent), are prone to problems.. Mail delivery times are longer than they should be, and authentication problems on the POP server appear more often than they should.. At the conclusion of my contract, my price went from $29.99 to $39.99, so my perceived value for the money has dropped a bit as well..


After appx 3 years... Still very satisfied with the service, however newsgroup problems continue to be a majpr problem on OOL. Mail problems are pretty much nonexistent for myself since my account was moved to a new mail store when I changed accounting details. Spam is surprisingly not a problem at all -- none of my OOL email addresses have received any spam whatsoever since 10/2002 -- however, I cannot speak for other user's experiences.


After 5 years with the service, one of the biggest issues I have is with the question of value.. Email delays reached unacceptable levels, leading me to switch to a paid email provider.. Cost of the service is now $44.99, although I pay $49.99 since I dropped Cablevision for my television service.. Increase in price of 50% over what it was 5 years ago is pure greed in action.. These kinds of services are supposed to go DOWN in price over time as the technology becomes more widely accepted and adopted -- not up, and certainly not up by 50%.. As a whole, my perception of Cablevision as a good company to do business with has dwindled greatly over the years -- turning me from a one-time fanboy of the company to someone who yearns for someone else to come in the area and offer a competitive product (e.g Verizon FIOS). DNS issues have caused me to run Treewalk (BIND PE), as the OOL DNS servers have become extremely ineffective and unstable..


After having OOL for 7 years now, the service provides a good value when compared to other services such as FIOS. It would be nice if pricing was lowered in response to competition from Verizon, but instead, performance was increased for the same costs. The $44.95 (for family cable subscribers) pricetag for 15/2 service is a good value, especially when comparing to ISPs in other parts of the country. I am now an Optimum Voice subscriber as well, which uses the OOL connection and works quite well. Cablevision offers attractive pricing discounts for those that bundle their services. For example, OOL alone is $49.95.. Add on family cable, and that price is discounted to $44.95.. You can add Boost (30/5) service for an additional $14.95, but if you already subscribe to Optimum Voice, Boost is only $9.95. The biggest discounts can be obtained by bundling iO digital cable, OOL, and Optimum Voice.

Overall, the service has improved since my last review. I still continue to use alternatives for DNS (OpenDNS) as well as paid email (Fastmail.fm). Look over your choices carefully when it comes to switching to someone like FIOS -- prices after promotional periods are over from Verizon will likely result in you paying more than you would with Cablevision (which does not have any contracts)


OK.. 10 years later, nothing new to report.. On Boost now.. Consistent 30/5 in my area with a non-DOCSIS3 modem.. I use OpenDNS for DNS.. Everything is peachy.


Here I am 14 years after my initial review.. As a paid Boost Plus customer, I was grandfathered into Optimum's 101/30 plan which is now called "Ultra 101". Speeds are consistently high, with no slowdowns in the evening. Due to overprovisioning the modem, I consistently achieve 120/30 for service that is advertised as 101/30. Utilizing a Cisco DPQ3212, Cablevision employs channel bonding - 8 downstream channels and 2 upstream. I am a SamKnows participant, and my monthly report cards report consistent results as well. Overall, very happy. Speed is consistent.. No slowdowns during peak usage periods.. DNS is still not the greatest - but easily remedied by using OpenDNS. Recently received their free "smart router" allowing my router to be a part of their mesh network that includes over 100,000 hotspots in the tri-state (NYC) area, which is available to all OOL subscribers

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