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Six Month Rating

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Review by bronxlcsw See Profile

  • Location: Bronx,Bronx,NY
  • Cost: $170 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "The fastest and most reliable ISP period. End of story."
Bad "Are you kidding. Samsung Boxes are real bad"
Overall "Now that we have free upgrade to ultra 101mbs speed i give cv the nod over fios."
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My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS
July 17th 2013 update

The cv customers got a welcome speed upgrade from 50/8 to 101/35 no extra charge. This puts cv internet faster than the plan offerred by fios. I still give fios better grades when it comes to the DVR but if cv manages to offer unlimited storage i will give cv the edge.

March 17th 2013

After moving around like a gypsy the last 10 years i have settled down to live at the Throggs Neck Country Club area of the Bronx. The ordering was real easy online but i was not happy that even after i completed my order only and got a tel number assigned along with an install appointment i got a call from cablevision sales . They said i had to finalize the order with them but i was assigned another telephone number with different area code. I want happy. I also asked for 3 cable cards for my 3 tivi boxes. Thats becuase the samsung boxes take forever to change channel and they freeze alot. . You cant attach external hard drives and the list goes on.... After an adventure getting the right tivo cards installed i have the right cards and am generally satisfied with the television service. However, its the internet that really shines. I have the boost plus service and i get 60mbs down wich is more than the 50mbs promised.I also like the fact that OOL has all those hot spots all over the city. It allows me to connect my tablet when i am in range. Sure wish they had more of these. Phone service also good.

May 6th 2009

Well Verizon fios became available and for economic reasons i made the switch to FIOS. However, i dont retract anything i previously wrote about OOL. They are still in my opinion the best and fastest internet available. This is even more true because they have started to offer 102MBS download. I will miss the high speeds and reliability.

July 4th 2008

Well I actually am in my 8th year with OOL and its been there 99.99 percent of the time. Even when i experimented with Directv and Dish Network i still remained loyal to OOL and Optimum Voice. There is nothing better period. End of story. Its simply the best. When other ISP providers are actively testing new bandwidth limits OOL keeps its promise of truly unlimited service. I will remain a loyal OOL customer even if FIOS comes to my block.

5/25/07 Well I moved and in order to get the triple play discount again my wife used her name for opening an account. As a result we have phone, internet and OOL internet. The boost service is what we have and its very very fast. 30mbs down and 5mbs up. On all the tests i get about 95% of advertised speed. Its amazing. I do alot of legal music downloading from yahoo music and can download say 100 songs in 10 minutes or less. The only issue i have is that the boost service comes with webhosting. The tools they give though are not to user friendly to computer novices.

Well after i posted the below review OOL decided to Boost speeds to compete with verizons upcoming FIOS service. I personally think they are overreacting because in NYC area where most residents live in apartment buildings Verizon has yet to come up with a viable plan to offer FIOS to MDUs. OOL has boost 30mbs down and 2mbs up. Its very reliable but due to recent upgrades there were outages that lasted several days. This was unfortunate but this has only happened once in 5 years. Speeds are close to advertised. Customer service is great if you know who to talk to. I usually ask a VIP for assistance on disconnects and he has been a blessing. I only wish the offerings from there video unit and VOIP was as good. I would sign up.

I had the service years ago when they started in yonkers. It was rock solid then and i actually thought speeds would decrease over time. They have not. What you see is what you get. close to adverstised speeds on a wireless g router nontheless.

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