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Six Month Rating

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Review by kdshapiro See Profile

  • Location: Eatontown,Monmouth,NJ
  • Cost: $260 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Very fast speed and above average reliability. Customer service is excellent."
Bad "Telephone help line routing system could be improved"
Overall "Very satisfied with overall service"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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April 2014:
Still satisfied with the service which has been stable, except for a small recent outage. Ultra 101 service is fairly stable without any major changes in speed since the rollout last year.

Nov 2013:

Cablevision came after service call complaining of internet drop outs. They found a bad splitter. After replacing the splitter the issue was resolved. Very satisified with optimum voice, high def picture quality and internet service.

July 2013:

Just got new tier service at 101/35. Still pleased with Cablevision products and when needed, their customer support has been excellent.

Nov 2012:

Hurricane Sandy update. Was without power, as a lot of others, for two weeks. I entered the outage information on Cablevisions website and they promptly issued a prorata adjustment. Gotta give them credit where credit is due.

April 2012:

Since last review, service has been solid.

With Boost +, speeds have been very consistent. Testing 60/8 almost consistently. Modem is an SBV6220 with two Optimum Voice phone numbers.

I upgraded the house to the new Gold package. To make a long story short, the Optimum App was not able to play the new channels. I called tech support, cablevision said it was a line issue, Scheduled an appointment; the tech was here on time. Tech spent 2.5 hours, troubleshooting what was essentially a setup issue on the account, and resolved the issue.

What really set this tech over the top is, in making sure all of the TVs were getting good reception and receiving the proper channels, he noticed an issue on one TV. He wound up by fixing some cabling under the deck. This issue was not related to the original call. I actually wrote a letter of commendation to Cablevision about this guy.

December 2011:

Service has been pretty solid, with some limited downtime during the summer that was an annoyance at best. Added Boost+ since March. Total cost for service is now at $260, but includes 4 boxes, 3 of which are DVR. Gold plus package. Optimum voice and Boost +. Internet performance for the most part ranges from acceptable (35MBs) to excellent (58MBs).

The Optimum app for iphone has turned out to be very useful for scheduling on the fly recordings when you are not home, but thought you would be.

With Boost + I think Ultra is overpriced for most people.

March 2011:

Nothing out of the ordinary has changed since last review. Maybe one or two system outages that I can recall. I updated to Boost Plus, pretty much solid 50+/8+ on the speed tests.

The few times I called tech support dialing 611 from Optimum Voice makes it nice and easy to jump right into the queue.

I like tech support and don't remember excessive wait times.

September 2010:

Nothing out of the ordinary has changed since last review. Speeds have been consistent. I continue to be satisified with the service and the price point at which it is offered.

June 2010:

Nothing much has changed since May 2009. Within the last two months speeds have been extremely erratic. I made a service call, a Cablevision employee came right on time. Ended up replacing the modem with an a new SBV6220. Tech was very thorough. Speeds are now back to normal.

Other than this blip there have been no other issues with the service.

May 2009:
Triple play recently ended, No major outages to speak of since last review. Speed is consistent. Thinking of ordering ULTRA.

Dec 2008:
It's been about 7 months since the account has had the triple play for $185.

OV quality has been excellent. Internet service with Boost has seen a upload speed bump from 4.6mb to 5.2mb.

OOL for the last several years has had excellent uptime records and service since last review has been excellent.

Area has had a number of power outages and the cable modem is protected via ups. However, Cablevision should throw the battery pack into their VOIP modems for free, for those customers whose equipment is not protected. Why do they make you spend $40 on a batter?

May 2008:
Got OV, ported one copper number to OV, Cablevision gave me Triple Play. Installation went without a hitch. Tech found issue in feed to house from box and reran feed. Cablevision came a few days later to bury the cable. Netting everything together saving about $30/month.

Speeds have been great, service has been great.

Prior review:

In the area I live OOL is the exclusive provider. So it's a good thing the service is great. The account has Boost for $10/month. Policies recently have changed to uncap downloads. Rumor mill has it uploads might be increased to 10mb. That's more upload bandwidth than I was getting when I ordered OOL 7 years ago.

At my current location I had OOL come out for service visits twice. Both visits were handled professionally, with the techs doing exactly what we asked. I've been to the walk-in centers a number of times for different reasons, they sales staff was courteous and handled the requests quickly.

I've never had a problem with tech support, and have used them a few times. They were always willing to help and were very courteous.

Biggest complaint is with the telephone routing system, thank goodness I don't need to use it often.

Bottom line: TV and internet cost $195/month with gold package, Boost, 2 non DVR converters and 2 DVR converters. A bit pricey, but we are satisified with the service.

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