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Six Month Rating

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Review by DarkAssassin See Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn,Kings,NY
  • Cost: $49 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
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Overall "Great ISP with Excellent Speeds"
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UPDATE 3/14/13

It's been 3 years since I've last updated but I'm still using Optimum Online. Speeds were at one point peaking at 22Mbps but now, I still get a healthy 15-20Mbps usually including during peak hours and upload has always been at 2Mbps no matter what throughout the years. For a 15/2 connection, this service has been worth every penny and more.

UPDATE 1/16/10

It's been a while since I updated but service is still pretty good. The unfortunate part is that the node may have been oversold since sometimes at night and on the weekend, the speed drops to 2Mbps which is ridiculous. Otherwise, internet service during other times is as great as it gets . BTW, Verizon FiOS is now available here in 11229 and in the entire area of Southern Brooklyn.

UPDATE 4/12/08

Optimum Online is still working great as I get up to 14Mbps consistently. Only issue is that at nights, my speed will drop to as low as 7Mbps but only during peak hours so I can deal with it. Verizon FiOS is being deployed in my neighborhood as both the Ave. R and Ave. Y COs in the area are getting FiOS installed so hopefully, there'll be more options in the future.


I started off using AOL Dial-Up and decided to switch to broadband. Tried to order Verizon DSL but it was unavailable to me even though I was a couple blocks away from the CO. Decided to get Optimum Online instead and ordered the regular 15/2 package online. The installer came on time and installed all the wiring and the SBV5120 Modem correctly and neatly. I usually get speeds of 10-13.5 Mbps but during peak hours, my speed will sometimes drop to 8-9 Mbps but I can live with it.

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New York, NY

1 recommendation

I think it's time for a modem upgrade

Get them to switch you to a docsis 3.0 modem. Currently they're deploying arris modems to do the job. Basically just call and say your only getting 2 Mbps and issue occurs even when a pc is directly connected

You'll need to really connect a pc so they can see in your connection history that your modem was rebooted and equipment was switched. That will speed the process for them to send you a tech without making excuses

Been a customer for over a decade and Internet is rock solid. The moment I saw a decrease in speeds during congested hours, a tech switched us to a docsis 3.0 modem and the issue has been permanently solved
Brooklyn, NY

Re: I think it's time for a modem upgrade

If you read the review, I had that problem 3 years ago... I don't have any issues nowadays.

New York, NY

Re: I think it's time for a modem upgrade

Wow! Came up at the top of my page. Oops