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Review by Smerk See Profile

  • Location: Bayonne,Hudson,NJ
  • Cost: $44 per month
Good "Has stayed up so far"
Bad "inconsistent latency, variable speeds"
Overall "inconsistent speeds and latency, If youre in Bayonne pick FIOS unless lower price is important to you"
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My Other Reviews

·Verizon FiOS
I ordered the Boost package 30/5 and am getting it for $44.95 the 1st year upon moving to Bayonne. The install was fine, the guy was neat about everything and on time.

But after 2 weeks of it I am probably going to pay more for FIOS and just switch now. The speeds arent even close to consistent testing on speedtest.net using cablevisions server as well as others. I called tech support and while polite and helpful there is no explanation for the speeds constantly fluctuating. The wire from the pole to my modem with no splitters (only internet installed here) is newly installed and all signals are well within range (called support to check if there were issues in the area and to be sure of signal levels being OK). It seems to be congestion because days before people are home from work/school and late, late nights it is fine. Its only from late afternoon and nights till 1 AMish that this is a problem. Its a shame but I just cant stay with such inconsistent service, as much as I like CV (I worked in the OOL support dept many moons ago), I feel like Im being cheated with this and I know the support routine there so Im not even gonna bother with the back and forth of calling them.

UPDATE: After 2 months I gave up, they could not get my speeds even close to 30 down. I switched to FIOS and have had rock solid speeds every second since. I will say this, CV has some very good support people who tried their best to solve this problem. The plant guys were the issue here and it seems they do not care or want to do their job to correct issues. Many thanks to the techs in the OOL staff forum here, they tried hard but just couldnt get it done.

UPDATE 12/15/2011:

Well I came back due to price and FIOS insisting that I needed a contract to get my bill down. I have to say this is definitely inferior service to FIOS, the inconsistency in latency is ever present. The speed graphs show me spikey downloads unlike FIOS where it was a smooth line. Ill stick with it for price for now but honestly I wish Verizon wasnt such asses with CS and the stupidity of contracts or I wouldve never left and came back to inferior service, though it is just good enough to stick with, and so far not nearly as bad as last time around.

UPDATE: 12/27/2011

Its not terrible but I get disconnected from mumble and WoW much more often than I ever did with FIOS. I can count on one hand how many disconnects I had with FIOS in a year+ and I can do the same for just yesterday with OOL, at least a few a day.

UPDATE 2/7/2012

Its not even close to FIOS and the few months Im back all I can think is its not going to be long before I switch back to FIOS. Frequent disconnects from WoW, Mumble, and other things I use. Very inconsistent connection quality. Its a real shame to be honest I truly hate Verizon and would much rather give my money to Cablevision but they just cant get it together even in a market with competition, Id hate to see what its like for those of you with no choices.

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