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Review by aztr0 See Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn,Kings,NY
  • Cost: $79 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Fast connection, great customer service."
Bad "Had a few hiccups, but problem was solved by tech team."
Overall "I've been through several ISPs and Optimum is the one I am most happy with."
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·Verizon FiOS
It has been a while since I got Optimum. I was a Verizon DSL customer before then. Verizon pretty much forced me to change services, because their DSL hub was packed and I kept getting disconnected, slow internet or just dead line all together. I've called the techs, one didn't show up, one showed up said he had to change a card at the center. But none of the techs helped. Finally I got sick of paying for dud internet and went with Optimum because they were available in my area.

If I remember correctly, it took Optimum about a week to schedule my appointment. I was fine with it. I think now they are speedier in getting people connected. Anyways, the call was easy, I'm a pretty savvy tech person so I didn't need any BS promo or excessive advertising sales on their part. The tech came and gone, I was happy I got the Motorola Surfboard modem.

About a year or so later, the cable internet was acting up. Random disconnects and slow speeds. So instead of calling Optimum, I used DSL Reports' Optimum direct forums and posted my issue right there along with speed tests/line quality tests history. The customer service was quick in response and a tech was scheduled within 2 days, because of the way forum posting works. Anyways, the tech comes in, changes my splitter outside the house and the internet was working. He leaves, I go back inside and after an hour it starts to act up again. So I went back to the forums and tell customer service about the continuing issue. They sent the tech back within next day and I told him since its not the splitter and line, then its got to be the modem. There was nothing else to do, I had him take out my Motorola and switch it to a cheap Scientific Atlanta just to try and get my internet working again.

After he left with installing my new modem, it still continued to act up. Now I'm getting a bit angry and again post in the forums. The customer service then tells me that they are going to send a field team to see what's going on. The field team comes in to my house, does tests on my line, shows that there are loss packets and Optimum needs to do something outside at the pole lines. Already at that point I said if they do not fix this in a month I am done with Optimum. After about 2 weeks, the issues stopped and I had okay internet now.

I say okay because the Scientific Atlanta modem is really crap. I did speed tests on it and it pretty much shows results that I am WAY over paying for my internet (below the lowest Verizon DSL speed). After a while, I got sick of it, and looked up DSL Reports forums and found that Optimum users were getting these DOCSIS 3 modems upon request. So I gather up my slow speed results and posted on the Optimum direct forums again and I didn't even mention the DOCSIS 3, but the guy replying to me suggested it, because I explained the whole situation I've had with Optimum since the beginning of all the problems. A schedule was appointed, and now I have my Motorola DOCSIS 3 modem and getting the speeds that I am paying for!

I guess, really it has been a while since I have had Optimum and while there were some rocky roads, it has been smoothed out and I like my internet service now. I also appreciate that Optimum has never attempted to charge me for any customer service. Unlike my DirecTV, which bills me for tech service ($49?), because as if its not enough for me to pay for their TV services already. Same deal with Verizon, sending a tech costs me money? That's just bad customer service.

Last thing, if you live in a multi-family home, make sure you know what "floor" you are, and make sure the other people in your house knows that you have cable too. Or else, accidents happen and say someone doesn't know you have cable, and a tech comes to install cable for this other person, they might cut your cable. I've had this happen more than once and lose my internet for a day. The worse one was when some Optimum tech was out in the pole and after he left, my internet was gone. I called customer service, a tech was at my house in the morning the next day. He had to direct a new cable from the pole to my house, because the unknown tech that was working on god knows what decided to cut my cable.

Update: Signed on for Triple Play for a year, paying total bill of $78.89 per month, back in October 2011.

After my negative DirecTV experience, I signed up with Optimum for TV and phone service. I used to have the phone service but canceled it because it was spotty. I received a mailer for the promo and jumped on it. I received DVR+ service, family cable, Starz and Encore promotion. What made this package great was that I don't have to pay extra for a regional sports package (YES, MSG, SNY). I also didn't have to pay for a higher tier of channels package for stuff like ESPN (off the top of my head). Anyways, the install was easy, no complications. I do have a complaint about the quality of the images. When my DirecTV worked, the images didn't have any visible noise. With iO TV, I do see some slight noise in the image quality. But from what I went through with DTV (not working during perfectly nice weather), this was not that big of a deal. Another complaint is the DVR+ service and the so called latest Samsung DVR box. It is garbage. The Samsung box is slow, laggy and just plain annoying. The DVR+ service automatically deleted my shows that I recorded with the option to delete only when I tell it to do so. They seem to have made some improvements since the first few months that I had the service though. Nevertheless, browsing through channels and menus with this Samsung box is very bad. Sometimes it will be speedy, and sometimes it'll make you want to throw the crap out. And the latter happens more often.

Forward a few months after the install. During the afternoons, I would get nasty lag spikes and horrible internet speeds. I ran a Speedtest.net test and it wouldn't run because it just wasn't getting any communications from the server. So I did a java test from DSL Reports and the speed shown was abysmal. I ran a Pingtest and was getting severe packet loss. I made a call to customer service and a tech came out the next day and looked at my issue. He did all sorts of tests, from checking the line inside the house, to the lines at the poles outside. After he tweaked something at the poles, he came back and the machine still wasn't showing good results. Which finally brings up the final issue. The modem, my Motorola DOCSIS 3 that I had for a long time. I didn't want to believe that it was the issue, and asked if there was any other way, but he switched it out and gave me an Arris TM822G modem. After the switch, the internet worked perfectly again and I didn't lose any speed. I test at 21/2 consistently. After several years, I'm still very happy with Optimum. Great service and value. Best of all, I never once paid for tech service that other companies would have forced upon me if I would've used them... DTV, Verizon comes into mind.

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