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Review by dm145 See Profile

  • Location: Clifton,Passaic,NJ
  • Cost: $50 per month
Good "Consistent speeds, many wifi hot spots"
Bad "No complaints"
Overall "Great value and options after tier upgrades 15/5, 50/25 and 101/35"

Currently enjoying Ultra 50 (50/25) for OOL price of 49.95 for another year as part of new promo!

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updated 299 days ago


Ronkonkoma, NY

Sounds like you need a Docsis 3 modem

You should contact CV for your slow speeds. Sounds like a Docsis 3 modem is all you need.

Clifton, NJ
·Optimum Online

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Re: Sounds like you need a Docsis 3 modem

Figured that, wish I could just go to walk in and swap. Tried calling last night, got tired of waiting. Not looking forward to run around from "tech" support. Everyone seems to know what causes speed issues but we still have to jump through hoops to get what we pay for.

Called this morning and after waiting over ten minutes had to schedule tech visit. We both knew I needed a D3 modem but still need a tech to come out, hopefully with a D3 modem.

Randolph, NJ

Re: Sounds like you need a Docsis 3 modem

I had a tech come out and of course he was there mid-day when speeds were OK. They dropped to 2 Mbps 15 min after he left.

I asked him about the possibility of a Docsis 3 modem and he said it wouldn't help as the SBV5222 uses the same frequencies.

I am getting to the end of my rope here. As much as I DESPISE Verizon and all they stand for, if FIOS can deliver decent speeds at times I am actually HOME, I might have to make the switch.

They keep telling me "we haven't had any other complaints from your neighborhood". I guess I may have to go door to door and find neighbors with Optimum, get them to run a speed test and call to complain.

Brooklyn, NY


Just sign up for FIOS for 6 months.. then they'll probably give you boost plus for less.. 50/8...

Clifton, NJ

Re: $

not available in my area