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Review by signmeuptoo See Profile

  • Location: NanoParticle
  • Cost: $110 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Blazing speeds, iApp:watch TV in home on iDevices, nice modem and router, lots of services and features, no contract"
Bad "Cable install tech was a real jerk, iPhone/pad app drops out a lot, Sales rep didn't know diff of b and B!"
Overall "Some of the best speeds there are, and latency is great too, but they are paternalistic about the modem and router, good service"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Sales person came out to our place. Sales rep was kind of a greasy car salesman BS type talker. He didn't know the difference between a bit and a byte, couldn't tell me if the service was static or dynamic IP (a call to them and I got the answer fast and easy, it's dynamic but it doesn't change too often).

Rep really put on the sales pitch to my roommate, but it worked because now we have great TV and Broadband, the best I've ever experienced.

Roommate/landlord had been on the fence about dropping AT&T DSL and DishTV, both of which are terrible. The crap DSL Gateway device was the worst device I've ever come near, a 2Wire DSL modem/router. My VOIP services wouldn't work worth a crap with it, but now that we are on OOL it is like night and day better. VOIP service that had all the trouble with AT&T was Call With Us. I call to The Philippines and I need good service because VOIP to my family's island there is only so so at best, OOL works with VOIP much better than with the AT&T DSL on the 2Wire gateway.

One thing to note: We ordered the triple play product (phone, TV, Broadband) and they included a nice WNDR 3400 Netgear N600 router (not gigabit though). It does wireless N, but the rep AND the tech support won't tell you what the login is on the modem and not even on the router, which is B.S. (You can figure it out though). They are very paternalistic about their router, which is stupid because if you have to open up a port for torrents or games (tech support says that is an exotic request, yeah right!) and you can't get into your router, well...

Speeds are phenomenal!

We were getting, on the 3Mbps/512Kbps service with AT&T actual bandwidth of about .7Mbps/.3Kbps, latency was horrible, gateway CONSTANTLY cycled, IP CONSTANTLY changed almost daily, wireless signal was HORRIBLE, Dish was constantly going out with bad weather (even light rainstorms), with AT&T. Now, with the hard wired connection on OOL we get speeds of as much as 57Mbps/M.5Gbps on the hard wire. Wireless down is about 1/2 to 2/3ds of that, but my wireless controller isn't the best and it is a bit of a distance (ASUS wireless PCE-N13, it sucks).

Latency is as low as about 12ms. on one hard wire (cat5e) test.

Torrents work ok, games work well (now that can get into router and open port).

First cable install tech was a real jerk, I mean, he was downright unkind. I was there to greet him and asked him some questions and his response was "you'll be lucky if you even get internet or TV so don't ask" when I asked him if a port could be opened for gaming on the router. The day went on with him being that way, and I was as warm and congenial as you can get.

He called for some "backup" and two other guys came out, and they were very nice. They did leave the place without going over some important things though, such as not setting up our accounts online. We experienced some hassle that night trying to set up accounts and had to wait until the next day to get the accounts to register online.

There was supposed to be a DVD ROM disk with the router, but we didn't get one, it is supposed to make install simple for people (I don't need it so I didn't care). They own the router so keep that in mind. In order to get the iDevice "optimum" app you might need a specific router that works with it, and you need the "boost" level service or higher. Boost sells at 50Mbps/8Mbps.

Service is still new, only had it for less than 2 weeks so I will update later on reliability and quality of tech support. Other than the paternalism about their router and modem, and the bad attitude of the guy that ran cable (all he had to do was go in the attic for a little while), it's been grand so far.

EDITED: Messed up my order of mag. Doh!

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