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  • Location: Brooklyn,Kings,NY
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $79 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Fast install, eager and willing tech staff"
Bad "I know most of the techs now because the service is too often horrendous."
Overall "Tech support is unparalelled but the system needs a major tune up."
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I suspect that Rutledge and Bickham saw the writing on the wall and the current state of Optimum Online is a manifestation of that. The service was fantastic for about the first year I had it. It has steadily deteriorated and over the past 2 years I've probably spent 6 months harassing tech support to fix the packet loss and 12 hour sustained +150ms pings to a server less than 15 miles away. For a 30/5 tier this is really inexcusable especially when they allow it to go on for months at a time.

It's great as long as you don't expect to use it during peak hours.

Update: I upgraded my original assessment to reflect my appreciation of the accessibility of OOL's engineering staff. Their business tech support policy is second to none unless you have service costing thousands per month. I have called on Sunday afternoon and they sent someone to the premises within a couple of hours.

The biggest problem, though, is that some of the equipment is beyond the scope of "normal" technicians responsiblity and although I had to contact one of the executives in charge of engineering in order to get some action, he was ever so gracious and accommodating. That is indeed a rare thing, if not unheard of, in the world of consumer grade ISPs. Engineering appears to be earnestly working to try to fix my issues and I really appreciate it. I think that the entire system is currently under strain due to their upgrading everything to DOCSIS3 on a live system.

At least they're trying which is more than I can say for Verizon. Even if Verizon FiOS was available in my area I would prefer to remain with Cablevision because of their excellent customer relations. My dealings with Verizon tech support and as a service provider have always been the absolute worst and I deeply dread ever having to deal with them.

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