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Review by spyder1125 See Profile

  • Location: Syosset,Nassau,NY
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Fast, Reliable, Fair Price, Good Phone Support"
Bad "Long Time to Get Advanced Issues Resolved"
Overall "After a long battle to get connection issues resolved, I'm happy!"
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Value for money:
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Having had Optimum Online since it was first introduced in the area, about 1998-1999, I can say now, in 2012 I'm happy. It's unfortunate that only 2 years ago, advanced technicians found that my connection to the pole was 4 poles away, instead of the pole right out in front of my house, but once they moved my connection, and upgraded me to an early adopter of DOCSIS 3 modems, I've had solid and fast connections since. This of course was not without a fight, and constant calling to the Call center, and dealing with various techs, both contracters of CV, direct CV techs, and finally I got the number to the Outside Plant Supervisor for the area, who I explained my situation to, and had it solved by the next day. I live in a remote area on my block, and had no choice but to get this right, since I do not have fiber available from Verizon on area of the block. But in all, I am satisfied now with my Boost Plus package where I get about 60Mbps down and 10Mbps up speeds, for the $44.95 initial charge (including $5 discount for having TV) and $14.95 for the Boost Plus.

My modem is the Motorola SBV6220, and was installed by last tech visit during all the problems and upgrade to DOCSIS 3. I've been through several modems prior, including the first heavy (10lb) huge metal modem that constantly overheated, to other Motorola, 3com, Scientific Atlanta, and now again Motorola, and I am pleased with the reliable connection.

In general my tech experiences have been mixed, but I find that the outsourced (contracted) techs for Optimum are not as good as the actual Optimum employed techs.

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