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Review by jondough See Profile

  • Location: Mountain Lakes,Morris,NJ
  • Cost: $140 per month
Good "Constant bandwidth and more"
Bad "Any "cable" connection costs too much"
Overall "Would not change."
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I am an OOL customer since its origin from others having lived in same home for 30 years. I still know the OOL support number for an office no longer existing in EH, NJ, and not because I call it all the time, but because I remember positive numbers. It still works.

My review is positive because in real world CV has provided almost what I expect, though any pricing could always be less.

I think the most important part of an evaluation is whether you got what you expected. And yes I did, in almost every case, and maybe not in so few issues I can not remember so they must not be important. Surely nothing like Heidi Bowl for CBS. LOL for those of you who can remember.

I would only like to say, that besides never having a bandwidth, DVR or received channel problem, my only contact is to correct a natural disaster problem, or want to have a service explained. This has always been at least what I would have expected from a bank of CS people [having been hi-tech CS myself]. The courtesy and calm reaction of CV reps is commendable, though I am not a testy case, I think that most could handle the idiots.

So briefly, for service I expect, and for support I think I would expect I would rate CV as ACES! TOPS!

My only general complaint may be universal for cable. There needs to be a level in between BASIC and VALUE where someone could pay for IOSelect and then have an a la carte menue of either individual or groups of channels. [I personally watch probably less than 20 of hundreds of channels. I know, this is the game. But a Select-alacart available only once or twice a year even on a contract would make things nicer. I bet if I had opportunity to put together a couple of packages of College Sports and every News [and all government including SPAN] could be a good simple sports and news IO included package around $40. Maybe I am nuts, but in communities that have access to every possible, the fantastic job, and increasingly so, that IO Sports does on HS and local colleges is beyond compare, even for the largeness of Com*.

So nothing is perfect, but I see CV trying, especially with the CS people who must deal with customers in this driven NY area,

On a 10 scale, I would rate CV between 8 & 9, and I am very restrictive over 7. Why 8-9?

1. Flexibility of selection of TV plan in world becoming ever more flexible.

2. Not being aware of next technologies enough to train even Advanced Techs in advance of issues of new tech.

3. A phone system, that for average people works quite well but for techies, sux. I have had to reach ADVANCED tech relating to same issue four or more times and they do not have a direct line [even with some contact code - hint].

4. I was accidentally disconnected from a deep ADVANCED tech call and no one called me back so I could continue.

5. Finally a simple thing, I do not want the hold message to start from same place every time, but start from some random place in a long group of messages [if necessary] or just some soothing music to calm me from whatever.


But I will end by stating unequivocably that I have talked to the most pleasant and attempting to be helpful assortment of support people over the last year and CV should be proud of their courtesy and professionalism as it is extraordinary.

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