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Review by jcondon See Profile

  • Location: Fishkill,Dutchess,NY
  • Cost: $103 per month
Good "Decent price for the channels we receive."
Bad "Internet speeds fluctuate greatly."
Overall "All that is currently available to me."
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This is my second year with Cablevision in my current apartment. I have had them out 4 or 5 times to fix horrible cable speeds. The last time they finally gave me an Arris TM802G DOCIS 3.0 modem which helped a lot. But did not totally fix the issue.

I pay for the cheapest level of Internet, 15/2 which a few months ago became 20/2. Some days during primetime it works great. I get 20/2. The next day at 7am I might get 3/2. Very up and down and inconsistent. I will say the service does not go down here. We have underground cables for all utilities in the complex which I am sure helps.

I also have a Tivo which took 1 failed self install and 3 appointments for them to get connected. Each tech telling me how bad cable cards are. Once they got it up and working, it worked pretty well (other then the crappy tuning adapter rebooting itself several times a week). Right before Christmas 2011 we got rid of Showtime and the Silver package and for the most part did not need the TA. So I disconnected it and returned it to their store. We miss out on one or two channels I believe but much nicer not to have to deal with the TA.

Tuesday I came home from work and was surprised to see most of the underground utilities marked. And yesterday I get a note on my door from the apartment management they need access to my apartment next week to put in a junction box for Verizon Fios.

The promotion we are on now runs out in October. By then I should hopefully have the choice of FIOS or Cablevision. Pricing it out, if Cablevision extends the promotion we are on currently and FIOS promotions stay the same we might pay about $20 more a month for a bunch more channels with FIOS with 50/25 Internet.

Hard to nail down exactly what is the better value with each offering different TV packages and FIOS offering $200 or $400 Visa GCs depending on package and if you commit to 1 or 2 years. For us there are a few channels not offered in the PrimeHD plan we would like so we might have to go with the ExtremeHD pack to get them.

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