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Review by yonkers10701 See Profile

  • Location: Yonkers,Westchester,NY
  • Cost: $100 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "decent, trbl reporting and service is 100% better than verizon's"
Bad "informing me that 15m DL is the requirement for a 50m boost plus line"
Overall "much better than verizon, free wifi at many locations trumps verizon"

i only had boost cable for many years as i don't watch much tv . A sales rep talked me into getting a package for 2 years that was really worth the extra 15 dollars. i received a landline and a basic tv set up. plus my internet speed was increased to boost+. When the package runs out and they raise the price i will dump the added features.

the service is overall good,however yesterday when i called in a slow speed report, down in the mud, around 10m DL where 50m is my normal. DL speed. the criteria that the report desk quoted me is cause to follow-up with consumer agencies and psc and AG office for fraudulent advertising.

I was informed that even though they advertise boost plus speeds at 50m and above, They run optonline TV commercials that inform their customers that they give higher than advertised speeds . Yet when you call to make a trouble report if you are getting over 15m on a 50m line, they will tell you they are within requirements.

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had signal issues for years and still get lip service



Re: cablevision

Make sure u testing speed not using router and without router you have to get at list 35 for download or more if you using router that speed can be anything.