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Review by happy4ya See Profile

  • Location: West Babylon,Suffolk,NY
  • Cost: $154 per month
Good "Internet works great (has since the beginning). Phone is phone....just works"
Bad "TV services have gone waaaay downhill over the last couple of years. They force DVR plus on new customers which is garbage"
Overall "If you are an existing customer and have the old hard drive DVR's in your house, hold onto them as long as you can"
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I signed with FIOS when they first came around here. They had a "kiss your a$$" deal giving you just about everything they have for pretty cheap. After 2 years of FIOS the deals were expiring and the rising costs were getting crazy. I was paying around $210 a month at that point and it was about to go up more and OOL was sending me "come back to us" deals so I called and they offered me just about everything I was getting for $154 a month after taxes and all so I switched.

The install went smooth and the tech was gone and I was up and running in about 2 hours. I got an Arris TM822 Modem with Boost Ultra, a Netgear WNDR3400 router and all Samsung TV boxes. The internet works great and always has since I first signed with OOL in 1999 at The Wiz complaints there. The phone is a phone and works as it should. The TV.....different story.

The TV works ok if you are just going to watch TV and not use any of their other services. They are really pushing this new DVR PLUS, talking about how you can record 4 shows at once and it's all stored on their end. It sounds good but it's crap. Recording works ok but playback is terrible. There is bad lag in just about everything you try to do. A commercial break comes up, I hit FF and about 6 seconds later it starts going. I try to hit play close to the last commercial and about 6 seconds later it stops fast forwarding but at that point it is halfway through the show almost into the next break and now I have to rewind it. This is the same with just about every interactive function they have like On Demand and the channel guide. It often takes us 10-20 seconds from when we hit the IO button until the menu comes up on the screen. A lot of times you go to play an on demand show and the screen just goes black and freezes and you have to force reboot the box.

I had them back here a few times and the last tech that was here told me that he was sorry and felt bad and he gets the same complaint from a lot of people but "this is just how it is". He said CV rolled out DVR plus much earlier than they should have and this is the result. The fact that everyone shares bandwidth makes the existing infrastructure a major bottleneck. You can sometimes notice the internet running a bit slow, supposedly when a lot of people in the neighborhood are using it at the same time and now all the houses in the neighborhood are running DVR's and on demand video through the same wires and congesting them even worse. It is like this in most places and it will eventually get better as they upgrade their infrastructure but there is no guarantee when.

I have been keeping an eye on FIOS and noticed that they must know Cablevision stinks and really has nothing on them because they used to offer much more like free DVR for life and other promos that they did away with. As much as we are not liking CV right now, I can't see going back to FIOS for so much more money. As soon as they run a good deal, Cablevision is gone from my house.

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