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Review by Tsuimonster See Profile

  • Location: Englishtown,Monmouth,NJ
  • Cost: $127 per month
Good "Going above and beyond the advertised download speeds"
Bad "Horrible upload speeds usually below the advertised upload speeds"
Overall "Great service, awesome support, but if only FiOS were available in my area, I'd switch in a heartbeat."
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Install Co-ordination:
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Note: Total Monthly Cost includes Optimum TV and Optimum Online with $5 discount and all municipal/state/FCC user fees. Individual OOL service is $44.95/mo.

I've had Optimum Online for such a long time... since the mid-2000's (2001 or 2003...) I've had mixed feelings about Optimum Online through the years and these recently past few years have been trailing off in the positive end. I have seen the years of the trend of improvement over failure and I have not too many negatives to point out. In short, I'd stick with them, but if FiOS were available in my area, I'd switch to it in a near-heartbeat.

The main thing everyone wants to hear about in a review is speed - I'm gong to satisfy that as the very first point. In the very beginning, I remember getting speeds as low as 7mbps, back when it was the initial setup of one Motorola Surfboard Broadband Modem and one direct connection to a desktop PC. A little connection to the servicing explained the slow speeds, which was discovered years later (at around 2006.) An unnecessary splitter by the installer made it so that I wasn't getting the speeds I was supposed to be getting in the end. After the correction, I started getting 12mbps and everything was uphill from there. During the diagnosis, I had also been given a new Scientific Atlanta Cable Modem. Then, in 2007, there was temporary downtime that caused me to get slow connectivity that resulted in me getting another new modem, now by Cisco. Between 2008 and March of 2012, I've been getting speeds between 18mbps and 22mbps, never running below 15mbps unless in a bad condition (like the duration of Superstorm Sandy's aftermath.) Don't rely on this service for uploads - their upload speed is so painfully slow, I would rather start uploads of YouTube videos prior to beginning my slumber.

Now, I've already given you a hint of the servicing and technical support. However, I have yet to make it clear that they take "a year older, a year wiser" seriously - they're constantly improving on their servicing. I have only had to have a technician go to my residence for a total of five times in my lifetime as an Optimum customer. Except for the installation visit and the removal-of-the-splitter visit, the remaining three visits from an Optimum technician were false alarms with something done (including a Cable Modem change and a Coaxial Cable replacement, which still did some impact.) Of all my years of being an Optimum customer, I've only had one red mark with having the technician coming over for servicing, but they do make it up and do their services as they need to.

So in part two of it all would be the exceptional phone service and availability. 24/7/365 phone support is where it's at. All of my problems, simple or complex, both get solved on the first shot. The fact that they're available and still willing to do what they do best... at 3am over the phone... looks like dedication to me. I feel confident about placing my trust in Optimum on this.

Since I'm talking about Cablevision Optimum as an ISP, I will skip my rants about the value of their TV service, which is too awful to tell.

So out of everything, I will say that Optimum as an ISP is worth the money. They do not lie when they say that customers get more than what they pay for in terms of download speed. Their support is very dedicated, considering their 24/7/365 responsiveness. Their on-site servicing gets better every time and isn't bad at all - nothing to avoid. If you're in the New York Tri-State Metropolitan Area, don't scratch the Cablevision Optimum name out and give 'em a look. Even their lowest 15mbps service is worth it. Again, if Verizon FiOS were available in my area, I'd probably switch in a rapid heartbeat.

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