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Review by BxWificrunch See Profile

  • Location: Bronx,Bronx,NY
  • Cost: $49 per month
Good "Multiple hotspots is good WHEN they work"
Bad "Very slow in 10451,customer site should be more basic and straight forward."
Overall "Only if you need the most basic service is this passable but expensive for what you get."
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The speeds I am getting right now as of writing this on 02/17/13 are .25 mb/s Down and .87 mb/s Up at 11 pm on the east coast of the United States on a holiday weekend. There is no reason I should even be paying a those speeds! It should be gift or most likely a going away present since I am at my last nerve with the service.

But I digress. I've watched FIOS commercials where they START at 10mb/s and end with FIOS end in the 40's. Seriously? I would have LOVED for 1/2 of the amount they started with!

Now they do offer Optimum Online Boost Plus which comes with a lot (most of which isn't that important to the average customer) but up to 50mb/s download for about an additional $15/month. That would be relevant if they were delivering on the speeds they said I should have been able to get at least once in the last month already.

I am not the most tech savvy but I know the difference between a overtaxed cpu slowing down a page and slow broadband.

I have had Optimum for a number of years and it was satisfactory but even at it's best I don't recall ever getting the 15mb/s download.

Optimum has an opportunity to provide a service that people want and most already have but not at this level. Luckily I live in a FIOS building and have options.

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Brooklyn, NY
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complain where it counts

if the speed is not as advertised, then complain to the company..! they will have to explain & fix what's going on or offer full refund, including installation fees. these types of reviews that do not speak about what the customer does to resolve the problem sounds suspiciously like the union workers behind it in their squabble with cablevision. please update this review...

most customers see resolved issues with docsis 3 modems unless line loss is abyssmal. where that line loss is might shift responsibility to the building management depending on what's going on to $$ fix $$... much like the telco will charge for internal wiring which is faulty. the cableco isn't going to re-install $1k+ worth of coax wiring if it's not their responsibility to do so.