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Review by andrewc2 See Profile

  • Location: Matamoras,Pike,PA
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "Price is negotiable over time, Internet Speeds Awesome!"
Bad "Cableboxes are a bit expensive especially if you need 5x"
Overall "Best Internet Available"
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We've had Cablevision for 9 years and all we've seen is the price go up! However I was able to call the retention department and negotiate a $20/month credit for the next year which greatly helps. At the same time they just lowered the cost of Boost Plus (Ultra 50) to $4.95/month and was able to have that added as well.

Currently 4 of 5 cable boxes I have on promotion from the Digital switchover which hopefully we can renegotiate in October or our bill is going up $27/month!

Ultra 50 provisioning happened immediately as I already had a Arris TM822G which is the latest DOCSIS 3 modem CV is using. Getting 60mbps down / 26mbps up consistently which is great!

Had some issues a few years ago not getting my full basic 15/2 (Now 15/5) speeds, ended up needing a DOCSIS 3 modem which cleared that up, everything has been great since then! I just wish the price was a bit lower!

Update 2014: Down to 2 boxes and a Tivo with Cablecard, CV isn't offering better rates from retention any more just free products usually. Internet in my area has been odd recently high packet loss and lag spikes in games. The techs found some sporadic noise in the system which fixed the packet loss but not the lag spikes. I'll be getting back on service about that soon.

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