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Six Month Rating

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Review by actor90 See Profile

  • Location: Jackson,Ocean,NJ
  • Cost: $218 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Reliable high speed internet, no data caps, decent television and phone."
Bad "The price is extremely high, phasing out of mechanical DVR's for cloud exclusive DVR service."
Overall "High price, good services, excellent customer service."
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------UPDATE 10-27-2014------

After the one year triple play deal expired the price shot up from 163 dollars to an astronomical 218 dollars. There was no way Cablevision would negotiate any lower a price. This is due to the new policy at Cablevision to not give triple play deals beyond the first one. Comcast was always willing to make great deals to loyal long term customers, unfortunately Cablevision doesn't subscribe to that philosophy any longer.

As for the services I receive, they are very good. There is slight issues with the ancient cable boxes Optimum supplies, and a few channels do not have the best signal quality. Though I am told this is being worked on. The signal quality on the internet had a few hiccups, but overall it is reliable service with full speeds and no bottle necks.


I just moved to Optimum territory and the transition was smooth and seamless. Cablevision provides excellent service at a lower price then any of their competitors. They are now giving Ultra101 speeds for $39.90. The official speeds on that package are 101Mbps down/ 35Mps up. I am consistently getting 119 down and 37 up. No one can beat that.

As far as their digital TV service goes it is excellent providing just about every channel you could desire. The only slight issue I have is Optimum phasing out the mechanical hard drive style DVR's for cloud based DVR service. I love both, and think both fit together perfectly, removing the mechanical DVR's from the equation lessens the value of the service. Other then that small issue I find Optimum service to be the best I have ever had. I highly recommend doing business with Optimum.

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