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Review by northalabama See Profile

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost: $48 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "HD Content Is Improving, Except For Movie Channles"
Bad "Installation A Pain, Took Too Long, Should Have Allowed Self Install"
Overall "Once It's Going It's OK, But Tech Support Is Useless"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE 3/2013: ok, it's been about a year now with comcast/tivo. tivo is great, i couldn't be happier. they continue to make regular improvements via software upgrades, and are responsive if you call with an issue. there is a ton of support on the tivo forum, too.

comcast has improved a little, too. only one major day long outage i know of. their selection of hd premium movie channels is still lagging way behind directv (less than half), but diligent use of tivo can overcome most of the challenges created.

those annoying emergency network alert tests running several times a day, several days a week have mostly been moved to off peak viewing hours, which is a tremendous relief. i still don't know why thunderstorm warnings are an emergency alert, though. it's pretty much standard fare to stay indoors during a heavy thunderstorm, isn't it? do i really need an emergency programming interruption at home to tell me to seek shelter from rain? exactly where else would i go, or what should i do? oh, well...you can't have it all, i guess.

4/2012: I cancelled comcast in 2007 and switched to directv. after i purchased a home in 2009, i kept directv, but the price increases and dvr issues were getting out of hand, so i decided instead of upgrading and entering a new agreement with directv, i would ditch them and try comcast again, but this time with tivo.

i ordered and received my tivo, then called to pick up the cable card, and was told self install was not allowed (really???), and that there was a charge for the install. i hooked everything up, scheduled the install. the first tech didn't know how to tell the central office how to correctly configure the card, so no hd, no premium channels, only sd tv. he left. i immediately scheduled a second installation, and 4 days later, tv in hd with premium channels.

tech support is worthless and clueless. the forums aren't much better. i get emergency alert system tests all day long, every day. god knows if there ever is an emergency, i'll never know, because i'm so used to the alert tests i just tune it out now.

on the up side, the price is lower for now, and even though i lost a crap load of hd movie channels, i actually picked up 4 or 5 base pkg channels that directv didn't offer. i'll tell you how it goes.

6/2005: Old wiring in home in bad shape, so the installer ran a new line. Unfortunately, he "forgot" to ground the line. This caused "On Demand" to have intermittent outages.

6/2006: One year later, 3 tech appointments, and the line still isn't grounded. I finally just hooked everything back to the old wiring. My speeds are slower, but my "On Demand" works.

Update: I turned in my box and switched to directv

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