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Review by JeepMatt See Profile

  • Location: Wilmington,New Castle,DE
  • Cost: $250 per month
  • Install: about 6 days
Good "X1 DVR & Platform - Amazing Advancement"
Bad "Dozens of HD Channels to be Added"
Overall "They've come a long way in 5 years..."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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**UPDATE 2/12/2013**

I left FIOS for Comcast in July of 2012. A month later, also picked up the Xfinity Home product, which blows away our archaic ADT system, and at a cheaper price.

Internet is solid at 50/10 - I don't think we've had an issue once.

Phone - does what it's supposed to.

TV - really disappointed w/ the amount of HD channels Comcast is missing. They're sitting on gobs of QAM capacity right now, and I'll remain perplexed as to why they aren't being more aggressive on the HD front.

3 weeks ago, was finally able to swap out my STB's for the new X1 DVR and HD boxes. This platform is amazing. Sure a few small hiccups here and there - but it so blows away the I-guide, if you have even the slightest chance of getting one of these boxes - DO IT NOW.

Frankly, I think it is better than the FIOS TV IMG, which I had used for years.

**UPDATE 11/20/07** Comcast TV

Anyone on this site knows the nightmare I went through with FIOS TV. Well, i've been back with Comcast for TV for a little over a month now. Awesome picture quality, decent HD offerings, and, unlike FIOS - reception that doesn't pixellate or drop out every other week.

**UPDATE 12/10/05 - Digital Voice**
I just had my Digital Voice install completed! Took the tech less than 45 minutes - and he arrived at the BEGINNING of my 8-11am window.

I currently own my own modem - and have a dedicated split up to my office. The tech installed the Arris telephony modem in my basement, mounted it on the wall - and then split the 2nd line into the house (used for TV)with a 2-way splitter. Ran 1 end to the Arris - the other to the 3-way splitter servicing the TV's. Even after all this, all levels are great - even the person at the CDV center that confirmed the levels for the tech thought they were great.

He then hard-wired the telephone line from the Arris into the existing house wiring (something I Never had with Vonage). I was then able to plug my phone into the regular jack in the kitchen - BAMM - all up and running - and on my old ported Vonage #! I set up the voicemail - which also has online access, email notification, etc. So far i'm very impressed. One thing I have to get used to is dialing a "1" with every call again. Apparently you need to use 11 digit dialing. I was given a promotional $27/month rate for the first year - however I do have one issue - there is a $3 monthly modem rental charge on my work assignment. This was NOT expected - so i'll need to call them to get that straightend up. All in all - very much a success - the call quality is clearer than Vonage - and the voicemail much more intuitive. They also have ACR - which Vonage did not.

PS - Internet service continues to be excellent.

**UPDATE- 8/4/05**

Latest round of upgrades has made it to Delaware. I'm now officially on the 8/768 Gold Tier. Continued EXCELLENT service.

Last Result:
Download Speed: 8198 kbps (1024.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 717 kbps (89.6 KB/sec transfer rate)

Latency is INCREDIBLE - internal Comcast pings are 15ms to the boarder hops.

**UPDATE- 4/11/05**

Just finished up moving this past weekend to my new home in DE. I'm on the same 6000/768 plan as before - but ping times are averaging about 6ms better to the outside world.

Have to say i'm a happy man! The install tech was VERY professional - spent at least an hour at my house - and made sure everything was perfect before leaving.

He had to have the 6 meg bootfile sent again as at first I was only on the 4 meg one - and he also replaced the splitter outside to pad the signal levels.

So far i'm impressed with the level of service in New Castle County.

**UPDATE- 1/27/05**

Well, the latest (and best yet) Comcast upgrade went into effect today for no extra charge. I'm on the Home Networking (Gold) tier - I went from 4000/384 to 6000/768.

Speed tests are now showing:

2005-01-27 06:39:25 EST: 6141 / 719
Your download speed : 6288920 bps, or 6141 kbps.
A 767.6 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 737010 bps, or 719 kbps.

Not change in ping times. THANKS COMCAST!

**UPDATE - 7/19/04**

All is well in Comcast land - my area's system recently went through a rebuild and my signal levels are the best since i've signed on back in 2001. Literally a 10dB increase in downstream signal without anything done on my end.

Speeds continue 24/7 around 4100/360 - BBR Line Quality test from the East Coast averages ~ 17ms the entire day.

Thanks Comcast! Keep it up.

**UPDATE - 1/3/04**

Keep on rockin' Comcast...a recent fix for some issues in areas that had the new Cadent routers installed was pushed through and now i'm enjoyin' my internet life to it's fullest! Getting 4200+/370 down 24/7 and pings EXCELLENT!


**UPDATE - 11/12/03**
Signed up for and had the new "Home Networking" package installed yesterday. $52.95/mo plus $5/mo rental for the Linksys / Comcast branded router / modem combo. Speeds are 4000 down / 384 up. Had my desktop and wireless laptop hooked up - have the ability to add 3 other connections either via wireless or ethernet. Installation charge was $99.

Speeds are currently running around 3850/365 - check out zip 19025 for my results.

Who needs the 3.0 upgrade!??!? Great work Comcast. I'm still a very happy customer.

**UPDATE - 4/2/03**
We received the 256k upgrade maybe a month or so ago -and everything has been going strong - I now average around 1720/220 on EVERY speed test I do - so something else was done with the download speed since I never really hit above 1500 previously.

»/quali ··· /1040065

Awesome job Comcast!

**UPDATE - 1/29/03**
So far so good with the new year! Anxiously awaiting the new 256k Upload speeds. Recent routing changes in my area to Level 3 have kept latency to a minimum, even during prime times. Max pings around 50ms at that time. Too bad I don't game or

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 9 ms 7 ms 8 ms
2 9 ms 8 ms 7 ms
3 8 ms 7 ms 14 ms
4 13 ms 12 ms 12 ms
5 17 ms 8 ms 7 ms
6 8 ms 11 ms 16 ms
7 9 ms 9 ms 13 ms
8 9 ms 9 ms 9 ms [63.
9 13 ms 10 ms 9 ms [209.247.9
10 12 ms 11 ms 13 ms []
11 13 ms 11 ms 11 ms [64
12 16 ms 12 ms 11 ms []
13 17 ms 14 ms 13 ms [
14 19 ms 20 ms 13 ms []
15 14 ms 19 ms 13 ms []

Keep up the great work Comcast.

**UPDATE - 11/25**

Well, my one year anniversary of having HSI is coming up soon - and I don't know how I lived without the service. In almost a year i've only seen about 2 or 3 downtimes (lightning & upgrades), and ping times have been fairly awesome. They've done some rerouting in the past week with Sprint/AT&T/Level 3 to try and alleviate some of the prime-time slowdowns we've been seeing on the East Coast. Also, i've discovered that there are quite a bit of upgrades to local nodes (splitting, etc.) to keep up with the demand of the service.

All in all - if you check out my zip (19025), you'll see I am always around 1400-1500 down... not bad...and I really can't complain.

**UPDATE - 3/11**

Just thought I'd give another update -- so far, so good..speeds continue in the 1200-1350 range constantly -- pings no higher than 30ms EVER -- email (for me at least) working fine -- have experienced ZERO down time since New Years - only about 2 slow downs (updating DHCP server in my area) -- even though "dynamic" IP address -- mine has not changed once -- it may not be great for everyone -- but if you can't get DSL -- and all you know is AOL - Comcast cannot be beat.

**UPDATE - 2/14*****

Well -- the transition has come and gone -- my area lucked out -- our proxy server was setup from the start to run very well -- only experienced one night of slowdown other than the actual off time for the transition -- new email account setup yesterday - and everything continues to run fine -- new cap at 1500/128 - and I regularly receive speeds of 1200-1350 ... all okay with me. overall -- give it a thumbs up!

**1 month UPDATE***

Well, I have now had the service for almost a month - I can't say enough about it -- even during peak prime-time hours, I have not seen my dl speeds below 1800 or so ..which to me is great - yeah the uploads are capped at 128 -- but hey, thats twice as nice as my old AOL i'll take first bill arrived -- my free month was there -- and every date listed for activation was correct -- they bumped the start date up a week due to the provisioning problems I saw at first..

The big test will now happen in 10 days -- when I get moved to the new service -- i'll post again with an update on how that goes -- hopefully since my area is pretty new -- and the nodes are spankin' new -- it'll go off without a hitch.

My area was finally upgraded for Comcast internet service in the Philly suburbs.. so I called and got everything setup last Friday -- well, since I was a new area -- the "node" they had me assigned to was incorrect -- so after a technician visit Wednesday, and another phone call last night -- I was finally locked in after changing my "Computer name" a second time and being re-provisioned.

The speed is incredible..and i'm already loving this over my crappy dial-up AOL i've used my whole life..

I'm not going to rely on the email a whole lot since in the next two weeks we're getting switched over to Comcast's OWN service -- so we'll see how that works out..and oh yeah, I have XP -- and it works FINE! you don't even really need the @Home software...thats what the tech service told me -- and they were 1000% nicer than Comcast's CABLE tech support...

Thanks for finally upgrading me Comcast!

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