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Review by halfband See Profile

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost: $56 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Reliable, Fast and gets faster. Decent upstream speeds these days."
Bad "The friggin data cap overages. Requires TV package for best rate."
Overall "Does what it is supposed to do, but I hate the low data cap."
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Feb 2015
Reliability is still decent, but short outages have become bit more common, not too bad though.
The 300mb data cap is an absolute pain to deal with. It forces someone to be a bandwidth dictator for any users with high use items like Netflix or some games. This could be what drives me away from comcast. The addition of numerous fees to the TV package and constant increases in almost every other fee or package cost have made comcast very expensive, completely destroying what was once a pretty good value.

July 2011
With the technology upgrades of recent years this now just a solid product. Running a motorola SB6120 the service is still rock solid and very fast. Upload has finally caught up with current standards. More choices in speed packages have removed the one size fits all requirement of days past.

Nov 2007
Comcast HSI is rock solid now. Speeds are now 6Meg/384K. With power-boost you often see even better numbers. Email is now very reliable as is service up time. If you like ISP portal content theirs is pretty good. No real complaints. Could use a bit more upload speed.

// old 2002 review
Order and install was pretty smooth. The installers were contractors , showed up on time. They had about 3 years experience a piece. Knew what they were doing and by the time they left I had a good connection.

In the past 6 months comcast has raised the download speed slightly to 1800, doubled the upload speed to 256K, and improved email reliability from poor to OK. They also bumped the price up $3 to the current $43.

Speeds are about normal for 1800/256 connection. 256K upload is OK, and much better than the previous 128K. Downstream is reliable and quick enough for general use, running about 1200-1700 most of the time, but if you are an industrial strength user or gamer you may need to look at a higher service tier or DSL. Comcast has some really odd caps on email, 2.5 meg size limit and limits on number of recipients and number of emails sent in a minute. These are intended to prevent spammers from using Comcast accounts, but who ever heard of a 2.5 meg spam message.

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