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Review by ffblackie See Profile

  • Location: Knoxville,Knox,TN
  • Cost: $170 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "It's Crap-tastic!"
Bad "Monthly price is a little on the steep end."
Overall "Cable isn't all that bad..."
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(update 03/18/2013)

Faster speeds, but also some price creep (mainly on the CATV and HDTV options).

Speedtest: »stage.results.speedtest.comcast. ··· 1492.png

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
(update 09/08/2011)

Well, it's xfinity now. Basically the same service as ever. »results.speedtest.comcast.net/re ··· 5292.png
»/im/98598409/6 ··· 2044.png

Still no HSI competition at my house. AT&T Uverse is available, but the price and speeds are deplorable.

Overall, it is what it is. Good connection. Stable. Uptime 99%+.


(update 06/19/2010)

Price to rent the eMTA has gone up a little ($5/mth now I think).

Also experiencing some price creep on the remainder of the services. (Since there's no CATV competition in my area)


(update 08/23/2009)

No changes.


(update 09/19/2008)

Still enjoying HSI from Comcast. Also use CDV and CATV. Bundle price holds steady around $140 (steep, but better than a-la carte). No major outages since the last entry, just power outages...

Speed: 11.6m / 2.6m
»/im/57746006/3 ··· 3530.png

(Update 02/21/2008)

I've had Comcast HSI since 2002 - experienced my second ever 'outage' this week. Last Sunday, during the Daytona 500 our area was having some high winds and rain. About 30 laps into the race the cable began flickering on and off and continued for about the next 2 hours. We have had some pretty wicked storms here before and the cable never blinked. Odd. It has not done anything since then...

(Update 08/18/2007)

Still no problems with the new CDV MTA or the HSI. Speeds are still solid.
Had some problems getting the digitalvoice.comcast.net site working, but that was handled in a couple of days.

(Update 01/29/2007)

Time for another update...

Had CDV installed last week after a small porting problem »[CDV] Adventures in getting CDV . Also upgraded to digital cable for the box and On Demand.

Once the install finally came to be, the tech was very competent and quick to install the unit. He made two phone calls - 1 to get the Arris EMTA out of walled garden and another to complete the phone port from TDS. Plugged in the EMTA to my patch panel and 'viola' CDV.

HSI speeds are still smoking - over 10mg the last time I speed tested from the house.

No problems to report - Comcast still has the best deal in town for HSI and their CDV so far seems to be just a good.

(Update 06/27/2005)

Still enjoying Comcast - speeds up to 4mb now, no price increase.

Still no outages to speak of, except the annoying DNS problems. I've worked around that, fortunately, thanks to /

I'd still recommend Comcast over TDS DSL in my area.

(Update 03/25/2004)

Still enjoying Comcast's High Speed service - ~3.1 down consistently. Very little, actually hardly any down time.

Only problems recently have been when I've messed up something on my end of the line.

I'd still recommend Comcast over TDS DSL in my area.

(Update - 08/25/2003)

Been enjoying the trial upgrade of 3k/256 cable service from Comcast most of this summer. Traffic shaping also, if the speeds alone were'nt enough.

Price of $42 would be very much worth it for the current speeds. Other cable providers in Knoxville are selling 384/384 for the same price (Charter) and getting away with it.

Service still very solid, little outage time noted. Running at home with my Linksys wireless router and Surfboard 4200. No problems from the cable co that I've noticed.

(Update - 01/27/2003)

After several months of Comcast service, I am unusally pleased. I have had only 1 extended outage - 2 days after one of the recent snow events when they had to repair a line that was pulled down by a falling tree.

Due to the merger with ATTBI, upload speeds are going up to 256, but there has also been a $3/month price increase (if you rent your modem).

Still, considering my other option in Corryton/Gibbs I am pleased with Comcast's product.

(original Review - August 2002)

Moved out of Bellsouth territory a couple of weeks ago and decided to try Comcast Cable. Picked up the self install kit and a Motorola Surfbaord 4200 at Circuit City (cost $5 with tax after rebates - can't beat that). While at work, called 800 # to sign up and register MAC ID on my modem. Cust service answered 1 minute. Took about 15 minutes and 2 transfers to different departments to sign up.

Went home the next day (I work 24hr shifts @ the fire department) and hooked up my equipment. Upon the advice of many people in the Comcast forum here I skipped the self install kit / software and set up manually. Power on - lights showed sync, but no internet. Hmmmm - call to tech support. 32 minutes (and 6 transfers later) they decided that the person whom originally entered my order had mis-keyed the MAC ID. Rep entered proper ID, activity light flashed and modem reset. Viola - INTERNET!

$19.95 for 3 mos, the 39.95 / mth for 1500/128. Not quite as good as Bellsouth FastAccess but better than TDS DSL (768/128 - $45) that is available through my phone company.

Speeds initally ~1325/90 (haven't had time to tweak yet). Soooooooo much faster than the 56k dialup I have been using for the past two weeks.

More to come...

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