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Review by jaceg See Profile

  • Location: Revere,Suffolk,MA
  • Cost: $230 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Triple Play Packages: Still the best deal."
Bad "Pricing is getting excessive."
Overall "Comcast is way ahead of the competiton."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update April 2002: Price has been increased $5 per month. Great line quality and speed until MediaOne was officially converted to AT&T. Speed, for the most part is still OK, but at night latency becomes an issue. High, unstable pings, for approx 4 months now. The problem appears to indicate classic node saturation or a problemed router. AT&T refuses to even acknlowedge my emails with trace routes outlining the problem. Some techs will admit to a line issue but no one will commit to when, or if, the problem will ever be addressed. This service is absolutely not what it used to be, and as far as I'm concerned will never again be the top notch product of a year ago. Shame on you AT&T ! Seems you're throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Update Nov. 2002: Service is, for the most part, stable. Random latency and mail server issues. Routinely get approx. 95% of the rated speed. I've been fortunate to have never had an actual outage. I'm still glad I switched from DSL to cable. I think AT&T is finally getting there act together, and doing a real good job, as long as they remain vigilent to quickly correct over sold nodes and pesky router problems.

Update Jan 2003: Experiencing some random latency issues, but pretty good connection and speed quality for the most part. Enjoying the increased pipe speed to 1800 down. Hope things don't change with the Comcast takeover.

Update March 2003: So far, so good. No major changes with Comcast. Connection speed and reliablity excellent. Good value for the money. Keeping my fingers crossed for the future.

Update April 2004: Enjoying the speed increase. Consistant, solid, reliable connection, with excellent line quality and stability. One problem, it seems the Netnews news groups are having latency issues for quite a number of weeks now, and lots of subscribers are VERY unhappy with Comcast's overall response to the issue. Some subscribers are considering DSL just because of these news group issues. Tech support is still not as good as it should be.

Update Jan. 2006: Very pleased with consistant speed and line quality. Email accounts have become a nightmare, clogged with dozens of pieces of spam daily. Comcast claims that the Engin.'s are working on the issue. (for over a year now). Tech support is still fair. Tech's continue to use scripted responses. Comcast will have to work much harder with the advent of FIOS just around the corner. It's not just about speed, it's about PRICE!

Update April 2008: Triple Play packages seem to be working out very well for Comcast. First let me start with Comcast TV. I'm using a Comcast HD box connected to my HD TV with an HDMI cable. I must say that the picture quality is incredible. Wish there were more HD channels. (maybe in the future) The HSI service has always been, and remains, fast and reliable. Lot's of controversy about Comcast throttling downloads from P2P connection sites. Seems that they are willing to address the problem with the P2P companies. (Bittorrent) Let's wait and see. Finally, my Comcast Digital Voice. Recently had a few issues with the service. Dropping calls, and echos. Never had a problem before with this service. A reprovision of the service and a new modem firmware update seems to have solved the issues. Comcasts tech support is much improved from what it used to be.

Update June 2009: It's smooth sailing entering the second year of my Triple Play package. Comcast has added additional HD channels and I'm assuming that more will follow will the gain of additional bandwidth when analog is gone.

The HSI speed increase is astounding. Phone service is very solid now. Tech support is maintaining a higher quality. I continue to be very satisfied Comcast.

Update January 2013: Triple Play still the best bet for your money. Now, very fast Blast internet service speeds. Comcast recently discontinued their internet usage data cap. Great channel selection to your TV, Phone, Computer or Tablet. No service disruptions. Phone service is solid. (I have two landlines) Comcast continues to provide great sales, billing and technical service. My only concern , they need to slow down on the pricing increases.

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