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Review by Lone Wolf See Profile

  • Location: Philadelphia,Philadelphia,PA
  • Cost: $53 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Faster than DSL, Easy Self Install Kit, 6 Month Trial is Inexpensive"
Bad "No problems since I got it a few years ago! Price should be lower."
Overall "Comcast Still Rocks!!!!"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:
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Verizon DSL was my provider for almost 3 years. I chose them because they were the only provider in my area to offer High Speed Internet at the time. Recently, Verizon began upgrading their customers from 768 download to 1,500 download but they told me that I was too far from the CO to receive the upgrade.

Comcast offered a 6 month trial of their High Speed Internet for $19.99 per month so I tried it. I called Comcast Customer Service at 10am on a Sunday morning and at 12 noon I picked up my self-install kit. It took 5 minutes to install. The difference in speed is amazing! Downloads are consistently above the advertised 1,500. I have cancelled my Verizon and will stay with Comcast. Try it, you'll love it.

There is talk of a speed increase for Comcast customers of 3,000 down and 768 up. It has begun being tested in Western Pennsylvania and may soon be available everywhere.

Edited on 12/22/03
A few weeks ago, without being notified by Comcast, my speed was raised to 3000 d/l. My tested speeds are in the 2600 to 2800 range. Uploads are still close to 256. Great ISP!

Edited on 8/28/04
My speeds are always near 3000 and sometimes higher than the 3000 download they advertised! Service is always on, it never fails and I would do a Comcast commercial if they asked. I'm THAT satisfied. It could be cheaper though.

Edited on 1/1/05
Got a new Dell and both computers are constantly in the 3000 range. No problems ever! I highly recommend Comcast Cable for your ISP.

Edited on 1/29/05
Comcast sent me an email this morning which said my speeds were increased to 4000 down and 384 up. And they were right! Constant speeds over 4000 and at no additional cost. Gotta love Comcast.

Edited on 7/29/05
Comcast still rocks! They charge too much for their service but it has never failed me.

Edited on 2/24/07
They still rock! Nothing bad to say except their prices are too high.

Added Digital Cable to the Internet package because I have an HDTV. Speeds with Powerboost are over 6000. They still rock!

Edited on 9/14/2011
Prices are up to $52.95 for Performance Internet and modem rental plus taxes.
Speeds are still great and the service outages are rare, mostly during heavy thunderstorms.

Recently had my business wired with the triple play and am happy with that also. Signed a 1 year contract as the salesman said FIOS is coming to my area soon and I'll probably switch. He didn't try to force a long term commitment on me and I like that.

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