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Six Month Rating

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Review by Defiance82 See Profile

  • Location: Mchenry,Mchenry,IL
  • Cost: $115 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Very efficient. Pre-Sales, Install, & Connection. SUPERB Speeds"
Bad "None Yet"
Overall "Awesome high speed Internet, works great. Nice fast speeds!"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Time Warner Cable
I ordered Comcast Last weekend and it took only 4 days to get it installed at my house. The install crew was awesome. The install only took around 1 1/2 hours and it went real smooth. I would say by far my speeds own. 2mbps down so far. The pings for gaming are so incredible I didn't think it was even happening! I was getting about 5-9ms pings to Chicago game servers. Not one lag spike at all either. I would recommend Cable to all Wonder Lake. It's the BEST value for gaming.

Everything is still so smooth and running good. Download speeds are still 1.8 mbps and kicking. All my game pings are so l33t still. Sub 50's to most locations so far.

Everything is still kicking. Hooked up a router 2 weeks ago and now use that to share connections. Speeds are still at top notch performance.!

2003-07-31 03:47:40 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1740/255 kbps
2003-07-30 04:55:13 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1728/260 kbps
2003-07-26 04:12:53 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1726/257 kbps
2003-07-23 16:18:19 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1726/250 kbps
2003-07-22 02:47:13 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1728/260 kbps
2003-07-21 00:00:41 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1726/251 kbps
2003-07-19 20:52:34 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1728/262 kbps
2003-07-17 02:03:01 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1730/260 kbps
2003-07-14 21:07:45 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1754/296 kbps
2003-07-13 22:16:27 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1728/257 kbps
2003-07-13 13:55:22 Speed test (chi.speakeasy.net) 1730/263 kbps

1 8 ms 9 ms 9 ms
2 9 ms 9 ms 13 ms
3 9 ms 9 ms 9 ms
4 9 ms 11 ms 9 ms
5 16 ms 11 ms 12 ms
6 13 ms 11 ms 11 ms gbr2-p100.cgcil.ip.att.net []
7 13 ms 11 ms 12 ms tbr2-p013602.cgcil.ip.att.net []
8 11 ms 11 ms 12 ms ggr2-p390.cgcil.ip.att.net []
9 11 ms 12 ms 11 ms dcr1-so-3-3-0.Chicago.cw.net []
10 12 ms 12 ms 11 ms bpr2-so-0-0-0.ChicagoEquinix.cw.net [208.175.10. 98]
11 13 ms 41 ms 12 ms beyond-the-network.ChicagoEquinix.cw.net [208.17 4.224.6]
12 11 ms 11 ms 11 ms

Months later everything is still kicking! No high pings or bog downs yet. Still kicking at round 1.7 mbps as well. Gaming is still superb and well liked.

W00t for Comcast. I now have about 3 mbps! This is nothing but sweetness now!

2004-01-28 02:21:24 EST: 3266 / 269
Your download speed : 3266959 bps, or 3266 kbps.
A 398.7 KB/sec transfer rate.
Your upload speed : 269450 bps, or 269 kbps.
Seems like broadband .. above the 1mbit barrier!

Received the 4mbps/384kbps upgrade. Everything is still flying fast and smooth.

Well I have come back to Comcast. I had to try DSL for a while and was a little unpleased with it so I have come back. I did the self install kit this time and had everything up and going in about 10 min. I signed up for the 6/768 package this time. Everything is still the same from when I left it as well which is all good

It's been quite a long time since my last update. Comcast is still kicking and has only gotten better and better. I now receive 8/768 with bursts from 30/2. I also just signed up for Comcast Digital Voice which will be installed on Apr. 20th, 2007. Pings and gaming are still superb and no complaints as of yet. Their network just keeps getting better and better.

I ordered Comcast Xfinity Internet when I moved back to Illinois back on Oct. 1st 2012. I placed the order a few days prior so I could get an install date on the Sunday I moved in with was Sept. 30th, 2012. The install went great. I subscribed to 50/10 services. I'm getting 65/15 on most speed tests which is awesome. No complaints so far. The network has really advanced since I used to live here back in 2003. I have Downstream and Upstream channel bonding which is really good for Comcast Xfinity. Speedtests listed below.

»www.speedtest.net/result/2246386 ··· 6734.png
»speedtest.net/result/2241787747. ··· 7747.png
»speedtest.net/result/2240322531. ··· 2531.png
»speedtest.net/result/2233502386. ··· 2386.png
»speedtest.net/result/2229522103. ··· 2103.png

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