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Review by aSic See Profile

  • Location: Crawfordville,Wakulla,FL
  • Cost: $89 per month
  • Install: about 32 days
Good "Fast speeds."
Bad "Customer service sucks!"
Overall "Meh, better than DSL."
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Moved into a new home about 5 miles from my last that Comcast refused to provide service to.

Took about a month from order to online. Most of that time was spent coordinating the linemen to actually install the drop. Idiots kept insisting the buried drop was intact, even after I showed each one of them the break poking out of the grass. Not receiving any signal at the demarc point should've been a clue, huh? Although, these were all contractors, and not actual Comcast employees... but Comcast needs to train their install-monkeys a bit better before they allow them into the field.

Service has been rock solid. Much more reliable than the DSL I was playing with.

Bottom line, if its available, go with it. You wont be disappointed... that is, unless you actually have to talk to someone about a problem.

UPDATE 14 Apr 2014 ********************

Service has been rock solid, as before. There have been a total of three outages of 3 hours each over the past year that I am aware of. This includes outages caused by severe storms. The rate has gone up quite a damn bit since I signed up. Yearly price hikes suck. I really should call in like the rest of the leeches and have my promotional rates extended.

I am supposed to be provisioned on Blast 50mbit, but have never been able to achieve greater than 28mbit. The "free" upgrade from 25 to 50 occurred in the middle of the year, but never seemed to work for me. Its always stayed at 28. Plenty of calls and troubleshooting, along with a truck roll have yielded no results, so I ended up giving up and leaving it alone.

So like before, its been rock solid, customer service still sucks, and its still better than DSL.

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Pearland, TX


Do you have a Docsis 2.0 or Docsis 3.0 modem?? If it's a 2.0 it needs to be upgraded to 3.0. Free swap out at any svrc center

application specific
Wakulla, FL

Re: Speed.

Its 3.0. Zoom 5341J, 8x8.