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Review by habya See Profile

  • Location: Huntsville,Madison,AL
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Good speeds...when it is working"
Bad "Poor support, unreliable connection"
Overall "Only use Comcast if you have no other alternative"
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Connection Reliability:
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Updating the review:

Comcast = horrible..reference »[Rant] Comcast - first time user

Moved to an apartment which only offers Comcast (unfortunately). Was a happy camper with Knology for many years.

Very disappointed with the entire setup process.

- Order service over the phone, no problem it seemed. Appointment confirmed for 2:00-5:00pm (clearly stated by rep and also in e-mail received).

- Take day off from work to make sure I could be available. Get to apartment around 1:30pm and wait for them to show. 5:00 rolls around and no show.

- Call Comcast who inform me it was a 1:00-3:00pm appointment. I read them the e-mail and they didn't give a damn. Check my back door and find a note that the tech showed up much earlier.

- Ask support if I can go pick up the boxes and do it myself. To which they said that was absolutely ok to go pick up the boxes for self install.

- Take off early to get boxes. Wait in line for ~1 hour (5 slots, but only 2 people working...). Rep there tells me I can't pick them up because it needs to be activated at the pole...I inform her that I setup my internet just fine without needing anything to be done, to which she says that can't happen because it's at the pole. Suppose I was imagining the internet connection and modem activated on my account.

- We setup a new appointment time for 2:00-5:00pm again today. Come 5:00pm no tech, no call. Contact Comcast who assures me tech is on the way. 6:00pm no tech...finally 7:05pm tech shows up.

- HD/DVR box installed which was missing some buttons and the power button didn't even work. HDMI also didn't work right.

Second box installed. Seems to be ok, HD etc all work.

- About an hour later get a Your DVR is not authorized message. Call again, wait on hold 15 minutes (not bad). Go through the normal reboot box etc etc. Now I'm supposed to take yet more vacation time for them to come fix that.

And what do they offer for all the wasted time? A whopping $20 credit...gee thanks now I can go buy some McDonald's while watching live TV since my DVR is broken already (less than 3 hours).

- Tech never shows to replace DVR. Was told that the rep wasn't able to put in a time in the system so he would have them call me this morning (around 8-9am). It's noon and still no call and still no tech in sight. Is it so hard to replace a box and make sure it works?

- No call back as they promised. Called them and was informed the office has a replacement for the box and I could go down and exchange. Get down there, once again wait in line 45 minutes (only 2 people seem to work there). Get to the counter and was informed that they don't have any replacements and won't have them for a while. Oh and also don't get a credit for the DVR not working since I still had the box, HD service, yadda yadda. That was the last straw.

So, at this time have gone to ONLY internet since there's really no other good alternative. Connection is horrible at times. Randomly decides to drop packets, crawl to deathly slow, and then go right back to normal after ~15 minutes. Of course they say it's my equipment, even though the same stuff was running Knology with never a problem. Also used a new router just to rule that out and same behavior.

Do yourself a favor and DO NOT EVER USE COMCAST unless there is no other choice.

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