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Six Month Rating

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Review by KeepOnRockin See Profile

  • Location: Beaverton,Washington,OR
  • Cost: $61 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Blazing download speeds on a rock solid connection!"
Bad "none so far."
Overall "Wonderful service! Always-on and Fast!! Couldn't ask for more!"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Edit: 5-13-2013

It's been awhile since this review was initially written. I'm still with Comcast. I switched to business class in mid 2010 and went back to residential in mid 2013.

Rockin now using Blast! 50/10. Still always-on, reliable, and fast!!

I've used Comcast High-speed internet for about four and a half months. Before broadband I was on a slow dialup for about five years, so this was a very welcome change.

As for Comcast's service, it's awesome! I get close to advertised speeds (~2995/244) and am quite satisfied with their connection reliability. Reliability was not something I had on dial-up. Even during a big ice & snow storm in early January, my connection remained fast and alive. (The only time my connection goes down is when I use a P2P application such as Overnet that overloads my D-Link 614+ router).

The order process was quite impressive as it only took Comcast three days from the time I called them to hook up the service at my house. I called them on a Thursday and Sunday they arrived. The Install process took a couple of hours because I did not have a cable outlet where I wanted the service installed, so they installed one for me.

I ordered the "professional installation" package because it was part of an offer that i was taking advantage of, and it was free. The Comcast tech gave me a Terayon cable modem and configured my Windows XP system to work with the service.

The good thing was that he stuck around to make sure the service worked before he left.

I got a dynamic IP, but it feels "virtually" static to me! It has only changed once since I ordered the service and that was soon after I ordered it.

Overall I am very pleased with Comcast's HSI service and recommend that anyone who can should order it.

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(updated on 1-18-2005)

I've had Comcast HSI for a bit over 1 year now (signed up on Dec 27, 2003), and I could never go back to dial-up.

I still have a rock-solid connection with Comcast and it has not gone out once since I signed up for the service over a year ago. If it did go out for any period of time, I sure didn't notice

My "Bad point" in my initial review of Comcast service was the fact that the upload was "only 256k", but Comcast even nullified that. In about 8 days from now, my Comcast connection will go from 3000/256 to 4000/384. That's a good increase in upload speed.

I also have an option to pay a bit more a month and sign up for the awesome 6000/768 package once it becomes available. That should definitely satisfy my "need for speed" both in terms of downstream and upstream.

Overall, I'm still very satisfied with Comcast and happily pay $56 a month for it! I would still recommend this service to anyone who can get it.

Still with Comcast and still pay ~$56 a month for it. Rock solid connection.

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